webMethods Developer Portal

Easily build an API ecosystem that third-party developers and B2B partners can easily find, access and use

Attract developers and grow your API ecosystem

APIs are setting the stage for data to serve as your value creator—and your differentiator. Organizations are unlocking the value of data with APIs to optimize sales channels, improve efficiency, drive revenue and ultimately—deliver innovation. Consumption by internal and external stakeholders requires you to ensure the stability, reliability and quality of your APIs. webMethods Developer Portal enables you to attract developers and grow your API ecosystem.

For the developer community to find, read about, discuss and test your APIs, you need webMethods Developer Portal. The Developer Portal provides a consumer-centric UI for the discovery of APIs. The portal exposes API descriptions to third-party developers, manages the developer onboarding process, and allows developers to use your APIs in their own applications. When developers leverage your APIs with new mashups and apps, you acquire new API consumers and channels. If you want to reach new customers and unlock the business value of your corporate assets, you must make your APIs easily accessible to developers.

Key benefits

  • Reach more developers to create applications with your APIs and increase your API consumer base
  • Improve governance with a single solution for external and internal developers, partners and other API consumers
  • Understand API usage and increase API adoption with built-in analytics
  • Quickly and securely onboard new users with an intuitive user interface
  • Enhance user experience with highly customizable look and feel
  • Ensure API security with API keys and OAuth2 credentials support
  • Be empowered with seamless integration with other webMethods components

Key features

Support your open API initiatives while leveraging your current investments. webMethods Developer Portal was designed to integrate with, and complement, webMethods API Gateway and CentraSite to enable full lifecycle API management.

Hackathons and Beta Programs Support

Nurture your developer API ecosystem with hackathons and other programs that drive engagement and API usage. Invite developers to create innovative applications that will create more API traffic and help you collect feedback on new APIs to evaluate their investment potential.

Branding & Language settings

Customize and brand the portal in accordance with your company’s corporate identity (i.e., logos, skins and corporate colors). Allow users to select a preferred language through the language switcher icon in the UI and ensure a seamless multilingual experience for your international API community.

Automatic synchronization

API documents (descriptions) are automatically generated from the enterprise API catalog (CentraSite) metadata, so no duplicate maintenance of API descriptions for internal and external consumers is necessary.

Payment gateway support for API monetization

Enhance opportunities for monetizing your APIs by integrating customizable options to configure a Stripe payment gateway account. With seamless integration, you can effortlessly set up and manage payment processes, providing your users with secure and convenient payment options.

Flexible and comprehensive framework for API information

Along with technical details for API access and usage (functions, classes and return types), you’ll be able to create rich descriptions of the APIs, code examples of how to use the APIs, file attachments for additional documentation and information about policies enforced on the API level are all available on the portal. In fact you can associate any type of file that will help your API developers easily understand and implement your API.

Community support

A collaborative community environment allows users to rate APIs and contribute to open discussions with other developers. Create private or public groups for collaboration on single or multiple APIs. Administrators can announce events and moderate discussions, as can coordinators who are defined during group creation.

API support

Designed for REST APIs, Developer Portal also fully supports oData APIs and traditional SOAP-based APIs. This allows you to leverage your current investments in SOAP-based APIs while adopting REST for new APIs.

Integrated API testing

Developers can easily try out APIs directly within Developer Portal to see firsthand how the API behaves. Code samples and expected error/return codes with descriptions are provided. Try test invocations with different input parameters and quickly see the results.

Built-in usage analytics

Understand where your visitors are coming from, what pages gather most interest, which APIs are popular and which are not. API providers can use this information to gain valuable API insights, improve the portal’s customer experience and increase API adoption by developers. This is especially useful for line-of-business and marketing executives to determine what’s working and what isn’t, so that immediate corrective actions can be implemented. In addition, the Google Analytics™ plug-in can be used for additional insight on visitor traffic and how your marketing programs are performing.

Search APIs and copy API endpoint code snippets

Developers can quickly find the APIs they need with full text search capabilities. Once they find the API they’re looking for, they can choose the method and the programming language and easily copy and paste the code into their applications.

API grouping

Group APIs using definable criteria and help developers discover APIs in larger API catalogs—such as free vs. paid, business domains or public vs. B2B partner. Also, group APIs based on configurable maturity level (i.e., beta APIs vs. final APIs).

Multiple deployment options

Deploy behind the firewall, in the DMZ, in your private cloud or in the public cloud. The choice is yours.

Built-in workflows

Use an approval process workflow to manage API access requests. Access tokens are automatically provisioned to the gateway infrastructure (webMethods). Use an onboarding workflow to allow users to sign up as a developer on DeveloperPortal. Track specific APIs Sign up to track the APIs you are interested in and automatically receive notices of changes to them.

Track specific APIs

Sign up to track the APIs you are interested in and automatically receive notices of changes to them.

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