Q&A: How to drive API revenue while sidestepping API risk
APIs are profit drivers, but how do you avoid the perils associated with opening up your APIs to create new revenue streams? Our API evangelists share their thoughts in this Q&A. 
APIs make pretty much everything work behind the scenes of the digital world. However, when they make headlines, it’s usually for all the wrong reasons. It’s not always easy to find this balance between using your APIs to drive agility and being cautious enough to not expose your company to a newsworthy security breach.
We asked two of our API experts (seriously, these guys love this stuff) to share insights into ways that companies can do just that. Watch their responses to some of the most pressing questions facing API owners as they seek to monetize APIs – and to avoid security pitfalls along the way.
How do I make money from my APIs?
What is the difference between direct and indirect API monetization?
How can teams ensure executive buy-in?
What are the API customer metrics that really stand out?
Ok, but how do I keep my APIs secure?
What makes APIs so attractive to hackers?
Which API vulnerabilities do organizations overlook?
Is there a common area where API monetization projects tend to fail?
Meet the experts
Dr. Matthias Biehl
Matthias is an API strategist at Software AG. He has led large-scale API initiatives in both business and technology roles in banking, insurance, media, and telco. 
Brenton House
Brenton is an ex-hacker, developer, API cybersecurity strategist, and VP of Digital Evangelism at Software AG. He has 25+ years of experience working across all things APIs.

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