Crossing the Chasm: 3 Ways to Connect Your Mainframe to Digital

Becoming an agile digital enterprise lies in your ability to quickly and easily reuse what works and build from there. Your mainframe’s core applications, their tailored business logic and the data you store on the IBM Z platform already differentiate you from your competitors and act as a reliable backbone for your business operation. By making applications on IBM Z more broadly accessible and integrated with other platforms, you can respond to changing market conditions faster.

Fortunately, you can quickly make your mainframe applications a critical component of your digital enterprise by reusing the valuable business logic and data within these systems through mainframe integration Software AG provides a non-invasive approach—that doesn’t require mainframe skills or knowledge—to help you quickly unlock the value of your mainframe.

Read this eBook to learn how Software AG can help you connect your mainframe to digital systems by reusing business logic, unlocking your data and modernizing the user experience.