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                    Conquering API Sprawl: How to Manage the Growing Complexity of Your API Landscape

Forrester’s Sr. Analyst, David Mooter, presents best practices for effectively managing your API portfolio. Software AG ‘s VP of Product Management, Przemek Kulik, explores the capabilities needed in an API management solution to maximize your API investment and accelerate business growth in a challenging API landscape.

                    Unleashing the Power of AI: Using webMethods and ChatGPT to Revolutionize Customer Experience

See how webMethods.io Integration and ChatGPT can implement cutting-edge AI capabilities into your customer-facing applications. In this demo, you’ll see how to quickly automate customer responses and augment human processes to create event invites which can be connected to your CRM or marketing applications—harnessing the power of AI to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and growth.

                    A Better View of Enterprise iPaaS - See Your Transactions from End-to-End

This presentation provides a demo of end-to-end monitoring in an Enterprise iPaaS using webMethods.io. The emphasis is on tracing data in monitoring complex, distributed systems and providing a comprehensive view of all systems, in the cloud and on-premises/self-hosted.

                    A Pragmatic Approach to API-First Integration

What does it mean to be ‘API-First’? What is the impact to your integration practice and architecture? How can you reconcile short-term business priorities around APIs with long-term technology and architecture direction? We’ll dig into a pragmatic approach to becoming an API-First organization and enabling faster time-to-market with API integration.

                    Keys to Optimizing Revenue from API Monetization

Organizations are looking to open up their data for business through APIs and increase revenue from their shared data. Monetization is an appealing strategy to generate income from API programs. However, monetization is a broad concept and there are no guidelines applicable to all organizations. In this webinar, we’ll go through strategies on how to effectively monetize APIs.

                    Webinar: 6 Best Practices for Cloud Migration

Businesses are quickly moving to the cloud, from digital transformation to innovation. Whether it's how you pay for cloud technology, how to measure the speed of your cloud apps, or how we handle highly distributed data, there are new patterns that create architectural complexity and can result in missed goals. Watch and learn the best way to ensure a successful cloud migration.

                    Four Best Practices for Agile API Management

New forces are shaping the API management market in technology and in business. With hybrid, heterogenous environments, IT needs to operate in a highly distributed and diverse ecosystem while governing and securing APIs. At the same time, trends in API monetization and the proliferation of 3rd-party APIs have changed how businesses go to market with API-led solutions.

                    Enemies at the Gateway: API’s Under Attack

Once exposed to the Internet, your APIs are immediately vulnerable to a wide variety of attacks. Attacks that range from simple brute force to more sophisticated approaches, including SQL injection and/or malware payloads.
Watch now and learn how to do this simply and seamlessly when using webMethods API Gateway security policies.

                    webMethods Demo Day 2022

See firsthand how the latest version of webMethods makes it even easier to automate everything using integration, APIs and microservices as the brightest minds behind webMethods take you on a tour of the latest features to make your job easier, and your organization more profitable.

                    Modernize Mainframe Data for Cloud Analytics

Bloor Analyst Daniel Howard explores the transformation impact cloud data analytic platforms are having on business and the value of including enterprise mainframe data. Discover how Software AG CONNX and StreamSets data integration solutions can modernize your mainframe data and deliver it analytics-ready to any cloud platform without disrupting business continuity.

                    API Strategies for Enterprises in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Is business and IT alignment a challenge for your organization? In this age where change is the new normal, this alignment is critical, and APIs are playing a key role. Join this webinar to learn how APIs can:

  • Contribute to building a flexible architecture to give business more optionality
  • Increase the business efficiency
  • Adopt a clear API Strategy – 5 API strategy blueprints

                    webMethods 10.15 Highlights & 2023 Roadmap

Subhash Ramachandran (SVP, Product Management) presents the highlights of the webMethods 10.15 release and select details of the webMethods.io and webMethods products that are impactful for customers. Finally, he provides a preview of what’s coming in 2023 and plans for integrating webMethods with StreamSets, the newest member of the Software AG family.

                    API Failure is Not an Option: How to Productize Your APIs for Success

APIs are critical to successful digital transformation. Too often API programs fail due to a lack of business-centricity in API Product Management. This webinar explores the capabilities needed in an API management solution to build business value with APIs.


  • Why API products fail and how to prevent it
  • Real-world success stories
  • How to create a custom and compelling API marketplace

                    What’s Hot in APIs, Integration & Microservices 2022

The webinar features Software AG experts and special guest Saurabh Alurkar of Sony Pictures Entertainment on the highlights from the annual Integration and API Report 2022.

Watch and learn:

  • How businesses are using APIs, integration and microservices in 2022
  • The biggest benefits they're gaining and challenges they face
  • How your digital transformation strategy matches up with your peers'

                    API Security: Preventing Vulnerabilities and Attacks

With the shift toward APIs it has become critical to employ a solution that is proactive against security vulnerabilities, provides visibility and discovery of all APIs, and is powerful enough to stop API attacks in real-time. In this webinar, Salt Security and Software AG show how to gain a complete view of an API attack, analyze API behavior and detect threats before they do harm.

                    Future Proof Your API Strategy: Top 3 Best Practices for API Monetization - Episode 1

Many companies plan to eventually monetize their APIs, inspired by the examples of well-known API-product companies for maps, payments or communications. However, successfully monetizing APIs requires more than just putting a price sticker on an API.

                    Why businesses keep making the same API security mistakes

APIs are "in" and the API economy is thriving, creating real opportunities for your business. But with these opportunities come cybersecurity threats, and no business is immune. So how do you choose the right API strategy to secure and manage your APIs?


Join Keith Casey, co-author of “A Practical Approach to API Design,” Dr. Matthias Biehl, author of “API Architecture” and Brenton House, creator of YouTube’s “API Shorts,” as they dissect all things API – from security to monetization.


                    See the webMethods product roadmap

In this webinar led by Subhash Ramachandran, Sr. VP of APIs/Integration Product Management at Software AG, get a sneak peek of the full webMethods product roadmap, including features such as:

  • Hybrid development & deployment for integration
  • Single control plane for API management
  • Self-service portal
  • Trading partner 360 for B2B integration
  • Application automation for iPaaS

You’ll also see our newest Software AG offering, StreamSets – a data integration platform for the modern data ecosystem.

                    How to Keep your Data Connected as you Move to Azure

Moving to Microsoft Azure is so much more than lift-and-shift. To get the real benefits, you will want to leverage all that Azure has to offer, which will change where your apps and data are and how you access them. Some apps will just move, others will be replaced, while you will also build new apps and data stores. How do you keep your data connected, flowing and accessible, both during and after your move to Azure? Join us to hear about how to tackle this challenge and get maximum value – fast – from your move to Azure.

                    Cashing in on the API Economy

The API economy continues to thrive with new business opportunities you don't want to lose to the competition, so here's how to not stay on the sidelines. Cash in on the API economy, knowing your strategic role, with this webinar, featuring author and expert Matthias Biehl. He dissects the API economy for you to understand the various roles, the types of APIs, the value chain and how you can leverage the economy to help reach your goals.

                    2022 retail trends: what are they and how can you keep up?

Imagine needing to replace your grill for the 2012 summer, and you know exactly what you need, where it is, how to avoid the long checkouts and even finance the purchase with just a button click. That's how it's going to be for the overall customer experience according to Software AG's retail expert Andrew Busby, getting the answers to these questions:


  • How do you differentiate between a simple fad and a potential industry standard?
  • How can you ensure new processes won’t disrupt your current model?
  • What are the risks of not changing?

                    Take Your B2B to the Cloud

The way the world does business has changed, and with it comes a new, modern approach to B2B. In this webinar, you’ll discover how you can simplify the complexity of doing business with B2B integration in the cloud.

                    Securing Your API Integration Ecosystem

With API usage at an all-time high, how do you secure and manage your APIs against growing cybersecurity threats? Brenton House, Senior Digital Strategist for Software AG, will help you understand the API Security basics and walk through how webMethods can help securely manage your API portfolio in 2022. 

                    How to integrate anything easily

Today businesses are adopting hundreds of apps in the cloud. But they still run core systems with critical information on premises. That can be a problem. The solution is an iPaaS that helps you strategically move to the cloud without leaving your core systems behind. The result is new (more reliable) digital capabilities, faster. See how easy it can be to integrate everything using a best-in-class iPaaS.

                    Best Practices in API-First Integration

If you’re trying to innovate faster, improve your customer experience and overdeliver on those transformation goals, you’re not alone. An API-first approach to integration may be just what you need to make it all happen. In this presentation from the Application Architecture Summit, you’ll learn:


  • Best practices for using APIs for app integration
  • How to determine when using APIs or integration is best
  • How to simplify management and improve business visibility across your entire enterprise

Whatever your problem, API-first integration can be part of the solution. Watch Best Practices for API-First Integration!

                    Migrating to S/4HANA is the perfect time to rethink integration

Migrating to S/4HANA is probably one of the biggest IT projects you can tackle. But it’s not just the SAP migration that you’ll be taking on. With SAP at the core of your business, any integrations with SAP also become part of the project.

                    Best practices for monetizing APIs

"Build it and they will come” is not a reality in the API world. Learn from author and expert Matthias Biehl how the most successful innovators build their APIs for monetization from the ground up.

                    Accelerate your API maturity with webMethods APIM

Can you productize your APIs and integrate them with billing solutions to generate revenue? Learn where you are in your API journey and get tips on how to make your API program world class.

                    Building modern foundations for cloud innovation: hybrid integration and iPaaS

In this demo, you’ll learn how to ride hyperautomation trends for the cloud, how to meet an enterprise's multifunction needs and how to empower citizen developers as well as pro-coders.

                    The 5 keys to choosing an iPaaS

The number of cloud applications and data sources is multiplying, and with them, the challenges of integration. Whether you're building services from scratch or modernizing your monolithic applications, all roads are leading to iPaaS. But how to choose? Guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst David Mooter, gives his tips on how to find the iPaaS of your dreams.

                    See What’s New in the webMethods Fall Release

See what you can get in the webMethods and webMethods.io 10.11 releases. Learn how to use webMethods DataHub to leverage analytics directly from your integrations. Securely share and transfer files in the cloud using a new MFT solution in webMethods.io. Re-imagine the way you expose your APIs using our new headless Developer Portal. And much more.

                    Onboard your trading partners in minutes!

The faster you can onboard new trading partners, the faster you can get down to business. It’s more important now than ever with disrupted supply chains and the ever-changing conditions of the market. Learn how to create and populate partner profiles in minutes in this webinar.

                    What's Hot in APIs, Integration and Microservices

Get insights from 950 global IT leaders as we take you through the highlights from the new Integration and API Report 2021, an independent research project conducted by Vanson Bourne, that tracks APIs, integration and microservices as they relate to digital transformation. Learn how companies are using APIs, integration and microservices and the benefits/challenges they're seeing. 

                    APIs, Integration & Microservices 102: Why webMethods is #1

Don’t try for digital transformation without the right API, integration and microservices platform. Join Software AG’s VP of Product Strategy (Navdeep Sidhu) as he runs down webMethods’ capabilities and examine why analysts consistently rank it as a leader.

                    APIs, Integration & Microservices 101: Trends & Business Needs

Did you know that there have been 7 generations of integration since the dawn of tech? Join Software AG’s VP of Product Strategy (Navdeep Sidhu) as he explores this and the latest trends in APIs, integration and microservices—and the business needs driving them.

                    Enterprise grade IoT – Data management

What makes an IoT solution enterprise grade? Discover the answers in Software AG’s enterprise grade IoT webinar mini-series. Join us as we discuss the second of the five core capabilities, data management, to ensure the quality, security, privacy, currency, and consistency of your data, the second part in a six-part series.

                    Maximizing IoT Value: Buy, Build, or Both?

Intel and Software AG discuss how equipment makers are feeling the pressure to deliver new products and capabilities faster than ever, and have an opportunity to build connected products that deliver greater value and improve the customer experience. Join us to discover why a buy and build approach is the fastest, lowest risk strategy to produce tangible business outcomes.

                    Creating sustainable value from IoT

Explore the sustainable IoT landscape with Quinnox and Software AG in this webinar. Discover how IoT and seamless integration enable sustainability — and how to make sustainability a reality, moving from a boardroom topic to your front-line operations.

                    When Machines Talk: Customer Experiences get Transformed

SHAPE Technologies and Software AG discuss the capabilities are required to deploy remote monitoring and performance management IoT use cases. Discover the outcomes that SHAPE have observed, from delivering real-time visibility into the usage and performance of connected equipment, to improving customer experience, reducing costs and energy usage, and more.

                    Enterprise grade IoT – Connectivity and device management at scale

What makes an IoT solution enterprise grade? Discover the answers in Software AG’s enterprise grade IoT webinar mini-series. Join us as we discuss the first of five core capabilities, device connectivity and management at scale, the first part in a six-part series.

                    Building IoT Apps Quickly and Easily with Cumulocity IoT

Join Software AG to learn how to reduce the time and complexity it takes to build IoT-enabled applications. Learn how to bring efficiency to your internal and external environments, enable the optimization of operations, and further differentiate your products and services for better customer experiences.

                    Scale for Success: How to bring IoT projects from concept to mass deployment efficiently and reliably

Join Software AG and Beecham Research to gain unique insights into the challenges and opportunities of mass IoT deployments and what it takes to scale successfully. We will share what you need from an IoT solution to succeed, why extensible device management capabilities are so important to your IoT future, and much more.

                    Fast Cars and Faster Data: Start Your IoT Engines!

Screaming around a turn at Circuit Zolder in Belgium, a modern Racer X takes the lead. He just got word that his traction slipped a bit, so ease up on the juice next time around. That tip came from the pit crew monitoring and analyzing the race in real-time thanks to sensors in the vehicle streaming their data continuously to a IoT platform in the cloud.

                    IoT for Smart Field Services with Flexco

Join Software AG and Flexco as we explore smart field services to deliver a better customer experience. Discover best practices as Flexco share their journey and discuss how the benefits from deploying smart field services – and the potential value you can deliver to customers by using insights from IoT devices and connected equipment.

                    Value from IoT at Every Step of the Maturity Curve

Learn how to find your own path up the IoT maturity curve with key insights from A1 Digital. Discover how to gain technical capabilities that go hand in hand with your evolving business strategy to offer new connected products and services – and create value at every step to generate more value from connected equipment, in a quicker, more efficient way than before.

                    Leveraging Thin Edge and Machine Learning to Integrate and Manage Device Fleets

Learn how to generate more value from connected equipment, in a quicker, more efficient way than before. Customer success stories and demos around thin edge, device management, and machine learning, demonstrate how you can make the most of Cumulocity IoT’s latest capabilities to increase speed to value, and deliver seamless experiences with unrivalled security and reliability.

                    IoT for Seamless, Automated Maintenance Services

In this webinar, Software AG and Zendesk show how together, we help our customers create effortless customer experiences anytime, anywhere, enabling the setting up of data-driven processes to automate ticketing and speed-to-service for maintenance-related queries; and enable a more reliable, automated, and organized maintenance service that integrates with field service management and spare parts order management.

                    Intelligent equipment monitoring and maintenance for efficient operations

Learn how to monitor and maintain equipment more efficiently using the Cumulocity IoT platform. See real examples of how manufacturers are applying insights and intelligence to generate more value, more quickly from connected equipment.

                    Leveraging open and modular Edge Computing to accelerate industrial IoT solutions

In this webinar, Software AG and Kunbus delivers insight into securely and reliably connecting embedded devices quicker and easier to make products smarter, avoid vendor lock-in and control upgrade cost. Learn how open-source edge computing (thin-edge.io) and modular industry-grade hardware (Revolution PI from Kunbus) helps configure systems, generate business value and performance metrics quickly, and maintain flexibility and extensibility for the future.

                    Raising the bar on IoT performance

The best vendors don't just talk about reliability, scalability and performance. They measure it, with enterprise-grade reliability built into every IoT solution to find, fix and continuously improve problems. Millions of IoT devices can then feed data into an IoT platform, create digital twins to visualize analytics and even respond to mass disconnects, DDoS attacks and other disruptions. Still there are lingering questions, but this webinar has the answers as to why high performance and scalability is so critical, what kind of performance measurements do enterprises typically run, and what do we at Software AG do that is so unique.

                    IoT at the edge: Switching to EaaS models

Many are seeing the benefits of value-added IoT-enabled services to differentiate products and create new revenue streams. But transitioning from a traditional business model based on product sales to one focused on EaaS (Equipment-as-a-Service) can be challenging. This webinar IoT at the Edge: Moving towards an Equipment-as-a-Service business model will provide with facts from Beecham Research all the unique insights, market trends and expectations into making the revenue model transition much easier.

                    Forrester: 7 must-haves from an IIoT platform

The right platform will accelerate your ROI in IIoT whether you’re connecting equipment to streamline manufacturing operations or to deliver new money-making digital services. But with hundreds of IoT platforms out there, which one is right for you? Hear Forrester Consulting's insights from 10 senior stakeholder interviews on what they look for in an IIoT platform.

                    IIoT: The Secret to Revenue Resiliency

When revenue’s been disrupted, XaaS with IIoT is a way to create predictable revenue and margin. Learn what XaaS or outcomes-based sales is all about and the capabilities you need to create and maintain a successful XaaS solution. This webcast is ideal for professionals in field services, sales, product development and manufacturing.

                    Best practices for overcoming challenges in the energy industry

With electric vehicles, decarbonization, and extreme weather events challenging the power grid, providing reliable, sustainable energy is becoming more and more difficult.
In this webinar, experts from Petronas share best practices, big ideas, and recommendations to help.

                    The connected enterprise – 3 ways to become more resilient and more agile

Agility is your ability to respond to planned, desired change. Resilience is your ability to respond to unplanned, undesired change. Both are under pressure if you are not in control of how your ever more digital business is connected.

                    See what's new in the ARIS 10.0 SR22 release

With the new release ARIS 10 SR 22 you can benefit from great new innovations to achieve operational excellence. Learn all details about the new features and functions.


Some highlights:

  • New process mining features like advanced process model overlay and augmentation 
  • New search functionalities for repository and portal 
  • New features and improvements for ARIS RPA 

                    Combine BPM and GRC for operational excellence!

If you want to be sure that you fulfill laws and regulations to avoid high costs or penalties, you need to know in which processes you have risks of being not compliant to define controls and measures to mitigate these risks. The same is true for ESG related risks.

Learn in this webinar how to benefit from an integrated and process-driven solution for efficient risk & compliance management.

                    Process Optimization Trends: What Every Business Leader Needs to Know

Learn about the latest process optimization trends and developments, including the four drivers that shape the way we optimize processes. Get an overview of the current state of the union, including who's adopting process optimization and the challenges they face. Join this webinar featuring Dr. Bernhard Schaffrik, analyst at Forrester, and Dr. Helge Hess, ARIS Chief Evangelist at Software AG.

                    Key challenges reshaping the manufacturing sector in 2023

Manufacturers struggling to compete in an increasingly volatile marketplace must become faster, smarter, and greener to survive. They are affected by the ongoing supply chain and energy challenges in the manufacturing industry.

Together with industry experts from Rolls Royce, we look at the key business transformation and operational excellence challenges facing the manufacturing industry in 2023.

                    Breaking Up (With Your Process Modelling Tool) Is Hard to Do

Have you and your Process Modelling tool grown apart? Has the 'spark' faded, leaving you unsatisfied and frustrated? Find new love! With ARIS. Learn how to:

  • Retain your good memories (e.g. process and architecture models)
  • Start your new relationship on the right foot (by importing those models at full fidelity into ARIS)
  • Let new love blossom (by enhancing your models into an enterprise framework)

Put down the box of chocolate and get back out there - with ARIS on your arm!

                    Key Challenges for Banks in 2023

This webinar looks at the key challenges the banking industry will face in 2023 in business transformation and operational excellence, and share how to apply current trends that are already being used by banking industry leaders to solve these challenges.

                    Must-Know Trends for Operational Excellence in 2023

Our experts will explore the key trends in business transformation and operational excellence and show how they are already being used by industry leaders. They will use the trend map document as a base and discuss the most important trends.

                    The 12 Days of ARIS: A Tech Talk

‘Tis the season to be modelling process! In the holiday spirit, join ARIS Expert J-M Erlendson as he checks off his list of lessons learned from days gone by, counting down 12 of his most valuable tips to drive successful enterprise business process implementation. You better watch out - or at least watch this Yuletide celebration of platform and practice!

                    Avoid Compliance Landmines: Leveraging Process Mining as a Compliance Management System

The number of policies, regulations, and standards in all areas of business is constantly increasing, placing ever-greater demands on management and employees, who have to deal with a wide range of compliance risks on a daily basis. Business leaders must be able to continuously monitor stakeholder expectations and effectively and efficiently integrate them into business processes. A compliance management system can significantly reduce daily challenges and increase company efficiency.

In this webinar, you will learn how to use ARIS Process Mining, which is tightly integrated with ARIS, as the foundation for building a Compliance Management System.

You will not only learn about the building blocks of our solution but also about best practices.

                    Busting Ghosts with ARIS

Are you surrounded by ‘process debt’ from past improvement projects, implementations, one-off innovations, and undocumented process automation? What happens when something needs to change? Are you stuck digging up skeletons of once-adopted frameworks and governance? You need a BPM Center of Excellence (CoE). Learn the basics of setting up a CoE in this webinar.

                    A Deep Dive into the ARIS 10 SR20 Release

With the new release ARIS 10 SR20 you can benefit from great new innovations to achieve operational excellence. Learn all details about the new features and functions.
Some highlights:

  • Enhancements for Process Mining, like better integration with Risk & Compliance
  • Improved variant management
  • Better UI and administration in ARIS Basic and Advanced

                    Process Mining and Modeling – Why they are Better Together

They say if you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it. To successfully drive your transformation, our ARIS suite provides you with all the essential ingredients. In this webinar, you will learn more about how process mining and modeling can be combined to achieve true process transformation. Gerrit Franssen, will demonstrate how the Belgian Public Prosecution Service uses both process mining and to transform their law enforcement processes.

                    TM Forum’s eTOM and ARIS – Accelerate your business transformation

The amount of data traffic that CSPs have to deal with has exploded over the past decade. To keep up with this growth, they are undergoing massive business transformation projects - often that need to be funded by finding efficiencies in their operations. One place they look is in their business processes. In this webinar, see how you can use the new accelerator package in ARIS for the eTOM framework to optimize processes.

                    Inflationary pressures herald an uncertain future for retail

It has been a tumultuous couple of years: the COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation, food insecurity, ballooning energy costs and, sadly, a war in Ukraine. For retailers, finding ways to navigate these challenges is priority one. Join Andrew Busby, a top 50 retail influencer at Software AG, and Miya Knights, Owner & Publisher of Retail Technology Magazine, for a discussion to hear how your peers are tackling these unprecedented challenges.

                    Manage the circus! Rethink your approach to process and architecture with ARIS

Are you walking the tightrope of enforcing standards in process and architecture? Too little governance, and the clowns end up running the show. You need a strategy, approach and platform to bring everyone under the same big tent. Join this webinar with expert J-M Erlendson to see how ARIS and the "Methods and Conventions" process can help make you ringmaster.

                    Customer Journey Maps Reimaged – with ARIS and CUBES

Today in business customers are interactive, not static or linear. Hence why you don't wait for customer feedback. You pursue, engage and deploy it. This webinar on customer journey maps in ARIS integrated with CUBES will show you how to build that interaction, design surveys and empower your customers to actively provide the feedback you need.

                    Surf’s up with ARIS! - A TechTalk with J-M Erlendson

What sounds better? Catching a wave or wasting time creating process models, reinventing the wheel and manually placing boxes on the page to satisfy some deliverable? It’s up to you!

Watch this webinar to learn how ARIS makes modeling easy, fast and reliable. Capture business processes in minutes, including connecting activities with the rest of your organization and resources. Use table-based and satellite modelling to have ARIS ask YOU questions and auto-generate your models and deliverables. See how to build a connected process landscape quickly and easily, so you can get back into summer!

                    Accelerate time to value with process mining

Are you familiar with process mining? If not, don’t worry. This webinar featuring experts rom BPM-D, Infosys and Consulta covers the basics, use cases, benefits and an overview of process mining to help solve your business problems and support you on your unique process mining journey. If you're familiar with process mining, you're not alone if you've asked any of these questions:


  1. How long does it take to see the value of the purchase?
  2. Is there a recipe that just works with my data?
  3. What KPIs make the most sense?
  4. Is there an industry standard to measure for a particular process?

                    Your Processes Help Make the World a Better Place

Sustainability is the new normal. And it is disrupting the economy just like digital before it. In this webinar, together with sustainability experts from bgood collective, you’ll learn how to comply with ESG regulations - and customer and investor expectations - while anchoring sustainability in your organization’s operations.

                    Dive deep into the ARIS 10 SR18 Release

This year we celebrate 30 years of ARIS. Our passion for processes is reflected in everything we do - including the features announced in the latest release, ARIS 10 SR18. Get a guided tour of these features - including a better UX, better performance, better search, and better compliance. 

                    Save the Earth with ARIS! A Tech Talk on ARIS Process Mining

In celebration of Earth Day, join ARIS Expert J-M Erlendson on a journey of sustainability through process visibility and improvement. Explore the basics of process mining to reduce waste and see where it can provide value to you and your organization. Come see data in action, helping to provide transparency into operations, give you control to make a difference, and help change really stick with accountability. Learn how to build your first process analysis and plant the seed to sustainable growth and operations.

                    The 3 Pillars of Operational Excellence

Many organizations are still overwhelmed with error-prone and semi-documented processes that are difficult to scale. What's the best solution? Software AG SVP Dr. Helge Hess and our guest speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Rob Koplowitz, give us objective insight into the right approach, featuring:


  • Process mining provides for process insights and clarity
  • Process modeling and documentation offer collaborative reengineering
  • Task mining provides analysis of user activity and creates an end-to-end view

                    Operational Excellence through agile app development

Digitalization! It's easier said than done - and needs process automation to make it happen. With IT requirements constantly changing, teams need to take a lean, agile approach. That lean agility comes from model-based, no-code development. ARIS can help. See how the Luxembourg Government Administration uses ARIS to describe the requirements of an application from a business perspective and address use cases without needing developer support.

                    Tech talk with J-M Erlendson: loving supply chain with ARIS

Got lots of ARIS models/data but struggling to present process improvement and its value to key stakeholders? Tech expert J-M Erlendson will show you how the integrated dashboarding/visualization tool ARIS Aware makes it easy, walking you through the updated dashboard creator, released in ARIS 10 SR 16! Learn about sourcing, preparation, ingestion, manipulation and rendering of information, basic design and serving up those visualizations in your ARIS Portal.

                    Must-know trends for operational excellence in 2022

The modern working world is a jungle - exciting and full of opportunity, but also complexity and risk lurking around every corner. What’s your plan for 2022? Will you succeed or get lost along the way? Join us on a journey of discovery as our experts run a reality check of the key trends in business transformation and operational excellence.

                    Overcome Transformation Challenges in Telco

Telcos and communication service providers (CSPs) are at a crossroads. Their financial fortunes have suffered as the economic value increasingly shifts to global internet companies. They have an opportunity to become Digital Service Providers, or, alternatively, risk another decade of decline. Join this webinar to learn how to capitalize on the current environment and lock in future success.

                    How Successful Banks Master Their Journey to Operational Excellence

Modern banks are under pressure to lower operating costs to survive in a changing world. The pandemic has only accelerated the change in customer expectations and behaviors, and competition is flooding in from tangential industries. The solution is to adapt the banking business models and deliver new offerings. In this webinar, we speak to leading banks from around the world about how operational excellence has cleared a path to success. 

                    A Deep-dive into the ARIS 10 SR16 Release: Unfold the Value of Change

Agility and smooth processes are at the heart of every successful business and—as a result—at the heart of every successful transformation. ARIS is the platform that makes it possible, and there is now a new wave of innovation in its latest release. See what the ARIS 10 SR16 release offers and how it be put to use today - including how it supports hybrid working. Watch now - business transformation awaits!

                    Achieving and Measuring Value from Business Process Transformation 

Companies must continually adapt their business model to new challenges. To justify change, you first need to understand where value can be achieved, how to activate those channels, and what pitfalls to avoid. Learn key approaches to getting ROI from business transformation projects. See how Software AG has helped companies achieve their ROI goals.

                    Overcome Transformation Challenges in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is on the brink of massive disruption, as half of all factory work will be done remotely by 2024. This means increased complexity. But it also means more opportunity for those with an enterprise-wide approach to adapting, enabling and optimizing business models. Join this webinar to hear how Audi and Siemens have turned obstacle to opportunity in manufacturing.

                    2021 and Beyond: Setting the Benchmark for Future Digital Banking

2020 marked the start of a decade of disruption for banks. Existing technological, demographic and regulatory challenges are exacerbated by the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on economies, working practice, channel access and customer behavior In this era of the

                    Role of Process Mining in Accelerating Digital Transformation

Watch and learn from this conversation with Amar Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group, on the need to change to a digital-first business, barriers to scaling digital initiatives and value realization, the role of process mining in accelerating digital transformation, and more.

                    Using enterprise architecture to beat the technical debt trap

Technical debt gets accumulated by all companies over time – certainly yours as well. Enterprise architecture management is essential for managing technical debt. It provides the basis for paying it back and for avoiding new debt. Watch this webinar to learn what analytics and processes you can implement to successfully manage technical debt.

                    Accelerate your EA storytelling and empower decisions with best practice EA tools and services

Every architecture professional knows the benefits of using a made-for-purpose tool to support the EA practice. The company showcased in this webinar chose a tool that could fulfil the goal to communicate the impact of multiple programs of work on the overall architectural landscape to senior executive, business change stakeholders and technical resources. Systems integrator Bruhati helped to achieve the needed insights, governance and operational efficiency of the program quickly. Watch this webinar to learn how.

                    Application and Technology Portfolio Management – Master the essentials for effective strategic IT portfolio management

IT must keep pace with business growth. Complex IT portfolios and poor transparency hinder needed agility and makes the IT unnecessarily expensive. Start your strategic portfolio management practice by concentrating on what’s core - your application and technology portfolios. Find out how to create a central repository for transparency and perform analysis for good decisions on IT optimization.

                    Driving Business Value and IT Prioritization with Enterprise Architecture and Application Portfolio Management

Learn how GE Gas Power IT uses EA and application portfolio management to plan, prioritize and execute strategic business and IT initiatives. Hear what key considerations go into prioritizing work: detecting vulnerabilities, identifying technical obsolescence, synchronizing roadmaps and pro-actively delivering business and IT analytics to coordinate all stakeholders on enterprise transformation.

                    Building the Foundation for Sustainable IT Investment Management at Rolls-Royce

Learn from Stuart Weller how Rolls-Royce is developing its ability to prioritize IT investments around a core of EA & IT portfolio management practices. Discover from guest speaker, Forrester VP Margo Visitacion, how combining these practices into a strategic portfolio management discipline helps IT to quickly align budgets, resources, projects, & architecture roadmaps to new business strategies.

                    Achieving a business-aligned IT investment portfolio

We as EA and IT leaders have to recognize and respond to changes in a fast-moving business environment facing challenges with sustainability, shock resilience, digital business model alignment and even cyberattacks. The key to success is a clear view of an IT investment portfolio aligned and realigned as the business environment changes. This playbook will show you how to visualize the road maps and interdependencies between your assets, allowing you to make the right decisions for your business -- fast.

                    Leveraging Value Streams for Agile Delivery and Optimized Operations

Value streams are not a new tool in the arsenal of enterprise architecture (EA) and portfolio management professionals. With Agile approaches, however, they are being put to new use. They can provide fresh insights to support capability- and portfolio-focused EA and investment portfolio management. In this playbook, we look at what value streams are and how they can be used to deliver insights and business outcomes.

                    Playbook: Achieving M&A Benefits with EA & SPM

To get ahead in the market, increasing R&D budgets is rarely enough. For most organizations, a focused M&A strategy is required. To be successful, an M&A strategy needs to be combined with effective execution. Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) are crucial to facilitate cooperation between the teams in the acquiring and acquired organizations.

                    EA and ITPM: Delivering Digital Outcomes with Stakeholder Collaboration

Enterprise Architecture (EA) and IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) are key disciplines for achieving an agile, cost-effective and business-aligned IT landscape. But their true potential is only possible when incorporating the needs and perspectives of a broad set of stakeholders. Budget owners, product designers, risk managers, demand managers, innovation strategists need to be involved in the full process. In this Alfabet Portfolio Playbook webinar, we will look at how innovative collaboration features can support decision making, insights delivery and information exchange in EA and ITPM.

                    Integrating Strategy and Execution in the Agile Enterprise

Gaps in the chain between strategic priorities and software delivery can seriously undermine delivery efforts if priorities change. In this Portfolio Playbook webinar, we look at how to integrate EA and strategic portfolio management (SPM) systems with executions solutions, such as Jira®, for agile alignment of delivery to strategy.

                    Protecting Your Business with EA-based Risk Management

Enterprise Architecture and portfolio management repositories can—and should—be leveraged to assess threats, identify risks, propose mitigations, and monitor mitigation implementation. Find out how in this Playbook webinar which includes a live demonstration of the Alfabet Enterprise Architecture and portfolio management tool.

                    Modernize Mainframe Data for Cloud Analytics

Bloor Analyst Daniel Howard explores the transformation impact cloud data analytic platforms are having on business and the value of including enterprise mainframe data. Discover how Software AG CONNX and StreamSets data integration solutions can modernize your mainframe data and deliver it analytics-ready to any cloud platform without disrupting business continuity.

                    Adabas & Natural: Vision and Roadmap 

See the A&N innovations that will take you to 2050 and beyond in this presentation from Guido Falkenberg, SVP A&N Product Management.

                    Make smarter decisions faster

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