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                    What’s New in Cumulocity IoT 10.9

The more people who use IoT in your business, the greater IoT’s value to your business. So make IoT for everyone. See how Cumulocity IoT 10.9 empowers more people, with different technical abilities, across your business to get involved in IoT.  If you’re looking to deliver business results faster, you’ll appreciate how Cumulocity IoT 10.9 helps you and your colleagues do more with IoT in less time. 

                    What’s New in Cumulocity IoT 10.7 

Quickly scale up and out on the Internet of Things with the latest release of Cumulocity IoT. Experience the advantages of Cumulocity IoT 10.7 at this webinar hosted by senior product experts.

                    IIoT: The Secret to Revenue Resiliency

When revenue’s been disrupted, XaaS with IIoT is a way to create predictable revenue and margin. Learn what XaaS or outcomes-based sales is all about and the capabilities you need to create and maintain a successful XaaS solution. This webcast is ideal for professionals in field services, sales, product development and manufacturing.

                    Cumulocity IoT: Innovation Highlights & Roadmap

IoT is set to make a huge impact on business. Get an inside look at the vision and product pipeline for Cumulocity IoT, as outlined by Dr. Juergen Kramer,  (GM, IoT & Analytics), Manish Devgan (SVP, Product Management IoT & Analytics) and Nikolaus Neuerburg (Director, Product Management, IoT & Analytics).

                    TrendMiner: Vision & Roadmap

The future of industrial analytics is self-service. See what we are working on and where we are going with TrendMiner, directly from Dr. Juergen Kramer, (GM, IoT & Analytics) and Thomas Dhollander (CTO, TrendMiner).

                    What's Hot in APIs, Integration and Microservices

Get insights from 950 global IT leaders as we take you through the highlights from the new Integration and API Report 2021, an independent research project conducted by Vanson Bourne, that tracks APIs, integration and microservices as they relate to digital transformation. Learn how companies are using APIs, integration and microservices and the benefits/challenges they're seeing. 

                    Onboard your trading partners in minutes!

The faster you can onboard new trading partners, the faster you can get down to business. It’s more important now than ever with disrupted supply chains and the ever-changing conditions of the market. Learn how to create and populate partner profiles in minutes in this webinar.

                    APIs, Integration & Microservices 102: Why webMethods is #1

Don’t try for digital transformation without the right API, integration and microservices platform. Join Software AG’s VP of Product Strategy (Navdeep Sidhu) as he runs down webMethods’ capabilities and examine why analysts consistently rank it as a leader.

                    APIs, Integration & Microservices 101: Trends & Business Needs

Did you know that there have been 7 generations of integration since the dawn of tech? Join Software AG’s VP of Product Strategy (Navdeep Sidhu) as he explores this and the latest trends in APIs, integration and microservices—and the business needs driving them.

                    Speed Up Your Cloud ETL Journey 

Cloud-based data warehouses makes data visible. Combine that with integration, and that data can be available anywhere. Software AG is partnering with Matillion to bring the best of Integration iPaaS and Cloud ETL together in one solution. In this webinar, see how you can supercharge your move to the cloud quickly by using Snowflake, Databricks and RedShift.  

                    What’s New in webMethods 10.7

Get to know the new features within the newly launched webMethods 10.7 and webMethods.io as Subhash Ramachandran, SVP of Product Management, walks through the highlights. The updates to the platform were thoughtfully developed to help unlock innovation using APIs, integration and microservices.

                    5 Ways Companies are Modernizing with APIs and Microservices

Agility is the secret ingredient in the world's best customer experiences. However, many of the most common systems are inflexible and make agility all but impossible - unless they are connected with APIs and micrsoservices.                                                                                                                                                                      

                    Why Your Integration Strategy Must Be Hybrid

Integration strategy is the central piece that ties your enterprise together. But it is getting more and more complex across SaaS applications, IoT devices, B2B e-commerce supply chains and mobile apps—not to mention legacy applications. The solution is hybrid integration—something that traditional ESBs can't deliver. 

                    webMethods Integration: API & Microservices Vision & Roadmap

See what’s new in the latest release of webMethods. In this webinar, Subhash Ramachandran (SVP, Product Management), Sachin Gadre (VP, Product Management) and Przemek Kulik (Senior Director, Product Management) walk through the product roadmap and vision for our award-winning integration platform.

                    webMethods.io Integration: API & B2B Vision & Roadmap

The future of integration will be hybrid, and we are here to help. Get an inside look at the vision and product pipeline for webMethods.io from Subhash Ramachandran (SVP, Product Management), Sachin Gadre (VP, Product Management) and Przemek Kulik (Senior Director, Product Management)

                    Achieving and Measuring Value from Business Process Transformation 

Companies must continually adapt their business model to new challenges. To justify change, you first need to understand where value can be achieved, how to activate those channels, and what pitfalls to avoid. Learn key approaches to getting ROI from business transformation projects. See how Software AG has helped companies achieve their ROI goals.

                    Overcome Transformation Challenges in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is on the brink of massive disruption, as half of all factory work will be done remotely by 2024. This means increased complexity. But it also means more opportunity for those with an enterprise-wide approach to adapting, enabling and optimizing business models. Join this webinar to hear how Audi and Siemens have turned obstacle to opportunity in manufacturing.

                    2021 and Beyond: Setting the Benchmark for Future Digital Banking

2020 marked the start of a decade of disruption for banks. Existing technological, demographic and regulatory challenges are exacerbated by the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on economies, working practice, channel access and customer behavior In this era of the "continuous next’," how do banks effectively rise to challenges and manage risk?

                    Role of Process Mining in Accelerating Digital Transformation

Watch and learn from this conversation with Amar Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group, on the need to change to a digital-first business, barriers to scaling digital initiatives and value realization, the role of process mining in accelerating digital transformation, and more.

                    Leverage Your ARIS Repository to Analyze Your Process Compliance

Even the best-laid processes often go awry. You can use your ARIS Repository to know which are being followed and which are being ignored. Join this webinar to learn about the indicators your can follow to understand process compliance - and what to improve it over time.

                    Unlock Your Transformation Power with the ARIS 10 Service Release 14

True business transformation is difficult—and nearly impossible without the right processes in place. ARIS gets you on the fast track to process excellence, now more than ever. See what ARIS 10 Service Release (SR) 14 offers for business process analysis and process mining.

                    ARIS: Vision and Roadmap

Get ready for true excellence with ARIS. Get an inside look at the purpose, vision and product pipeline for ARIS, compliments of Dr. Dominik Vanderhaegen (Head of ARIS Product Management) and Josephe Blondaut (Head of ARIS Product Marketing).

                    Integrating Strategy and Execution in the Agile Enterprise

Gaps in the chain between strategic priorities and software delivery can seriously undermine delivery efforts if priorities change. In this Portfolio Playbook webinar, we look at how to integrate EA and strategic portfolio management (SPM) systems with executions solutions, such as Jira®, for agile alignment of delivery to strategy.

                    Protecting Your Business with EA-based Risk Management

Enterprise Architecture and portfolio management repositories can—and should—be leveraged to assess threats, identify risks, propose mitigations, and monitor mitigation implementation. Find out how in this Playbook webinar which includes a live demonstration of the Alfabet Enterprise Architecture and portfolio management tool.

                    Adabas & Natural: Vision and Roadmap 

See the A&N innovations that will take you to 2050 and beyond in this presentation from Guido Falkenberg, SVP A&N Product Management.

                    Manage Enterprise Applications with Kubernetes Container Orchestration

If you are making the move to the cloud, you want to take advantage of all it has to offer. Kubernetes eliminates many of the grueling manual processes involved in deploying and scaling containerized applications. Discover how you can deploy your applications to a managed Kubernetes cluster, add more resilience to your system and allow your microservices to scale on demand.