What is Service Portfolio Management?

As you work to create and refine business services that allow your organization to be more competitive, a service portfolio management solution can help. By enabling you to understand where, when, how and why to make changes to your business services, a service portfolio management tool can help you make better decisions about IT investments and guide IT transformation to support your business as it moves forward.

Software AG provides a leading solution for service portfolio management in the Alfabet IT Planning and Portfolio Management Platform. Available as an on-premises or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Alfabet’s service portfolio management capabilities enable you to increase your return on IT investments and reduce risks as you make changes to your IT and service portfolio.

Service portfolio management with Alfabet

Alfabet IT Planning and Portfolio Management from Software AG provides all the tools you need for superior service portfolio management. With Alfabet, you can:

  • Analyze your service portfolio to ensure that it aligns with business strategy, required capabilities and requested demands
  • Identify how changes to your service portfolio will impact other portfolios and the IT architecture
  • Manage changes to your service portfolio in a consistent and transparent manner
  • Reduce the potential for collision between portfolios by exposing dependencies and impacts between different IT portfolios now and in the future
  • Govern your service portfolio by creating clear responsibility for IT governance, data capture, portfolio assessment and decision-making
  • Use workflows and monitors to assess all required information for service portfolio management before making decisions
  • Give stakeholders role-specific content and navigation to views and functionality that are relevant to their positions

Integrate service portfolio management with other portfolios

Alfabet’s IT portfolio management capabilities not only enable you to improve service portfolio management, but also manage other portfolios and how they interrelate. Alfabet’s application portfolio management features let you quickly analyze how business events like acquisitions and product launches will impact your application portfolio. Technology portfolio management capabilities help manage the constant changes due to new releases and new technologies that are introduced by projects and acquisitions. Project portfolio management capabilities provide a central repository of projects for planning and monitoring, and help identify the best project portfolio mix given time and money restraints. And robust and effective demand management helps manage demands more easily by providing current and reliable information on their status and identifying duplication and conflict between demands early in the process.
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