What is Project Portfolio Management?

An effective project portfolio management system is essential for IT transformation. As your business grows and demands for new IT projects run high, a project portfolio management solution can help you prioritize the right project portfolio mix, align projects with business strategy and monitor the development and status of projects more easily.

Alfabet’s IT Planning and IT Portfolio Management from Software AG offers an integrated approach to IT and project portfolio management. With a central repository for planning projects, monitoring project status and understanding project scope, this comprehensive system enables you to ensure business success and competitive advantage with better project portfolio management tools.

Project portfolio management with Software AG

Alfabet’s comprehensive approach provides resources for superior enterprise project portfolio management.

A central project inventory supports the relationship of projects to strategy, business capabilities, demand, technologies and applications. Alfabet supports synchronization with other sources through an import/export framework, and workflows and wizards help to implement minimum standards for product documentation and assessment.

Alfabet simplifies project planning through standard business cases and risk assessments that ensure comparability of projects. Available budgets and resource capacity can be balanced with project cash-out and capacity requirements. And with documentation of the applications and technologies that are changed by a project, Alfabet supports impact analysis of various projects on your IT architecture.

Alfabet supports portfolio assessments by allowing KPIs from other systems to be imported or assessed top-down by an expert. New KPIs can be added “on the fly” and the use of portfolio scenarios for decision-makers makes trade-offs transparent.

IT governance processes are easier with this project portfolio management solution from Software AG. A project request and approval workflow helps to ensure that all required information is available and assessed before a project is approved.

Project portfolio management integrated with IT management

A robust project portfolio management system provide significant advantages, but these are greatly compounded when integrated with other IT portfolio management disciplines. In addition to project portfolio management, Alfabet provides tools for:

  • Application portfolio management to align projects with application road maps
  • Technology portfolio management to ensure that projects result in the right mix of technology and adhere to standards
  • Demand management to support alignment of product innovation with business needs

The Alfabet solution can also be helpful with service portfolio management as organizations transform IT assets into business services in order to improve their value.

In addition to IT portfolio management, the Alfabet suite offers solutions for Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and state-of-the-art cloud migration planning and management.

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