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                    Fuel Adobe Experience Platform with data to deliver seamless customer interactions 

Your ability to stitch together consumer data from separate systems and stacks can make or break your AEP implementation. Software AG’s webMethods “gets your data in” and “gets your data out” of AEP so your company can thrive in a data-driven world. webMethods enables enterprise-wide connectivity between your backend systems, giving you the most complete view of the customer journey and delivering more relevant customer experiences.

                    webMethods powers your data integration strategy

Software AG’s webMethods helps you get the maximum value from your investment in AEP. webMethods will make your AEP implementation a success across your enterprise with:

  • A purpose-built integration solution for AEP developed in close collaboration with Adobe
  • Pre-built connectors and recipes for template-driven integration
  • The ability to convert non-Adobe formats into new Open Data Initiative (ODI) schemas which seamlessly connect to AEP

                    Discover AEP powered by

What if you could create a 360° customer profile that brings together customer data from various enterprise systems in real-time? When you use AEP powered by Software AG’s you get enterprise-wide connectivity between CRMs and applications, as well as multiple backend systems, giving you the most complete view of the customer journey and more relevant customer experiences. 

                    Dive into Integration

See how you can connect data and on-premises applications with ease. Connect your data sources to AEP through Software AG’s and dramatically enhance your insights into customer buying behaviors.

                    Unlock innovation with webMethods

Flexible and open, webMethods can help you connect everything without investing in an entirely new IT infrastructure. Discover the value of an open, flexible integration platform.

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Test-drive webMethods to see what you can do with it.

                    Create a frictionless customer experience

Customer experience truly is king, and brands that create seamless, personalized customer flows will have the keys to the castle. Get more insights to deliver a better CX.

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Shantanu Narayen

Adobe and Software AG are coming together to deliver a solution that will enable enterprises to harness and action large volumes of customer data to deliver personalized, real-time customer experiences at scale.”

Shantanu Narayen | President and CEO, Adobe

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