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The Cequence API Security Platform offers a prevention first approach that unifies inline API threat prevention, holistic API discovery, inventory tracking, risk assessment and remediation. Cequence uses behavioral fingerprinting to prevent attacks natively, eliminating any reliance on third-party tools such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF). The Platform has proven to be effective in eliminating data governance violations caused by unintended data leakage and preventing online fraud, business logic attacks, and exploits, which helps our F500 customers remain resilient in today's ever-changing business and threat landscape.

Runtime API Visibility and Protection with Software AG and Cequence

Today, everything we do digitally is reliant on APIs. Modern cars, your favorite mobile app, a frequently used shopping site, and finance management tools all rely on APIs to deliver an engaging user experience. For these same reasons that developers love APIs, threat actors do too. Top analyst firms predict that by the end of this year, application programming interface (API) attacks will become the most-frequent attack vector, causing data breaches for enterprise web applications. 

Together, Software AG and Cequence Security can help you improve your API security posture with a prevention first approach to API security that unifies holistic API discovery, inventory tracking, risk remediation and inline API threat prevention.

The Software AG and Cequence Security helps you:

  • Reduce security administrative efforts with highly effective, inline API threat prevention policies and flexible response options.
  • Improve secure coding practices with customizable risk assessment and remediation rules that uncover APIs exposing sensitive data, using weak or no authentication or out of conformance with defined specifications.
  • Leverage REST-based APIs to import threat intelligence, export findings to SEIM/SOAR tools, ingest traffic from other sources and integrate with CI/CD frameworks.


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