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Industry: Cross Industry


Our daily business is about helping our customers to transform, optimize and control the way that they run their business.

Digital transformation is one of the key talking points that we have with customers. A lot of organizations are struggling with the impact of digital initiatives. One of the major obstacles is cross-functional alignment. If you want to make something digital, you need to make it simple. And to want to make it simple, you need to align a lot of activities, processes and systems across different functions and roles in your organization.

We see ourselves first and foremost as ARIS experts; the industry expertise usually comes from our customers.

Nevertheless, we are very well versed in certain specialist areas, such as logistics, merchandise management, distribution in wholesale and retail, and sales.

The strong position of the Dr. Eckhardt + Partner can be viewed as evidence that our customers do business with us with confidence since 1985.

Countries Partner Types Product Categories Industries
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Sales Partner
  • IT Transformation
  • Integration and APIs
  • Process Transformation
  • Software AG Cloud
  • Banking
  • Consumer products
  • Food & Beverage
  • Public sector
  • Retail


Lutz Wolf
Managing Director
Phone: +49 6196-506645
Email: l.wolf@epgmbh.de
Address: Kronberger Straße 2 · 65812 Bad Soden am Taunus · Germany