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Industry: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Healthcare


SMC is a leading manufacturer, partner and solution provider for pneumatic and electrical automation technology based in Tokio, Japan, with over 19,000 employees worldwide. With 36 production centers and subsidiaries in 83 countries, SMC pursues worldwide customer satisfaction and supports automation through the most advanced pneumatic technologies.

In various industries, such as the automotive, electrical, medical, packaging and food, as well as machine tool construction, SMC uses its product range comprising more than 12,000 basic models with over 700,000 variants for individual customer solutions.

Its "smart field analytics" solution combines all the technologies and systems you need to immediately implement your smart processes. The solution is based on the close collaboration between SMC and Software AG and focuses two main use cases: predictive maintenance and energy efficiency. To prevent unplanned downtimes, the smart field analytics solution analyzes the data that comes from a machine in real time to find possible upcoming failure. The solution is also able to detect possible leakages in air or water systems in order to save energy costs. Learn more (English) and read the Smart Field Analytics brochure.

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