What Is Intelligent Automation and How Does Process Mining Elevate the Technology?

The key benefits are obvious – from scalability to automation

The benefit in business partnerships with RPA leaders Automation Anywhere and Kryon

What is intelligent automation? Intelligent automation – often referred to as RPA, standing for robotic process automation, except with AI and machine learning included – has long been the future as a form of business process automation technology, harnessing software robots or AI (artificial intelligence) units or digital workers. But the future of process mining with ARIS currently looks even brighter with the recent news of the partnership deal regarding Automation Anywhere (AA), combined with the reinforced reach and portfolio offering also with vibrant and robust platform Kryon. In essence, Software AG now has the top resources available to amplify offerings in process mining thanks to the benefit of RPA from the strongest leaders in the market. The question is this:

Why does RPA benefit process mining and vice versa?

In other words, how do they complement each other? How does process mining work with RPA in a way that would benefit you or your customers? It’s simple:

Griffin Pickard, Director of Technology Alliance Program at Automation Anywhere, himself states: “The substantial benefits of intelligent automation technology are becoming more significant for organizations to increase productivity and enhance business resiliency, so it’s important to have the right tools to manage them from beginning to end.”

Enter: ARIS Process Mining and crucial partnerships to elevate offerings in the RPA space.

Automation actually begins with process mining

Because companies in this day and age practically require some sort of advancement in intelligence process automation, companies like Kryon and AA are game changers; with process mining also at the forefront, the robotic automation process won’t simply be designed and rolled out efficiently, but also monitored effectively, continuously improved from start to finish.

In essence, AA and Kryon will efficiently automate those processes – ARIS Process Mining will then discover, evaluate and optimize those same processes to ensure operations in the RPA environment run smoother than ever possible.

The key to synergy is “task mining”: how is that different from process mining?

AA and Kryon accomplish this as a way to discover those exact automated processes robots utilize to complete certain tasks through the recording and documentation of user interactions. The resulting solution reconstructs those processes to then be automated with the creation of bots to eliminate such variances as human error and duration of time to completion.

Process mining, however, takes that a step further – with those new intelligent automation processes in place, ARIS will then reconstruct those new processes accumulated through data comprised from new event logs, further discovering potentially new avenues for continuous improvement, mapping them out, testing them, and continually monitoring them to ensure all bottlenecks have been successfully eliminated.

In a way, RPA is itself a member of your workforce

And, therefore, with ARIS process mining at its core to maximize that same efficiency RPA provides, not only will you optimize your own manual processes through potential automation, but you’ll also optimize, and perhaps develop, current and new robotic processes as well – all thanks to process mining.

It’s a win-win in every sense of the phrase.

The combination of Software AG’s offering of ARIS Process Mining excellence and the unprecedented power of intelligent process automation game-changing companies like Kryon and Automation Anywhere develops the next wave of exceptionalism with a complete package for cutting-edge end-to-end business process transformation.

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