ARIS Cloud Enterprise Operations services

ARIS Cloud is a full-scale Business Process Analysis-as-a-Service product, powering collaborative process improvement projects around the globe. This full-scale service includes an optimized cloud infrastructure, as well as operation services, relevant license fees and standard support. This white paper covers the operations services for ARIS Cloud Enterprise.

ARIS Cloud Enterprise Operations services

In addition to application-related services, ARIS Cloud Enterprise Operations services guarantees 99.5 percent availability for ARIS Cloud Enterprise services. See Figure 1 below for an overview on the different service areas, and the defined services detailed in this white paper.
Figure 1: Overview of Standard ARIS Cloud Enterprise Operations services


Establish ACE environment

A new customer environment and tenant are set up and accessible for the contact person(s) of the customer.

Test of back-end integration

A new customer environment gets a data import and client connection test.

Migrate to ARIS Cloud Enterprise

If you already worked with ARIS in the past, on your own on-premises environment or using ARIS Cloud, Software AG will support you in migrating existing ARIS tenant data to the new ARIS Cloud Enterprise environment.

Remarks: Depending on the existing infrastructure, the migration will last more than 16 hours and needs to be managed as a migration project. In this case, the included standard service will be used for an initial assessment and for setting up the migration plan. The migration itself must be provided as standard consulting support.



Backup tenant

Internal tenant backups for disaster recovery only. ARIS tenant backups are created on daily basis.

License import

The ARIS Cloud Operations will make new and updated ARIS licenses available for the customers and inform them accordingly.



ARIS Cloud Enterprise support

ARIS Cloud Enterprise customers are using the standard “Global support ARIS,” which can be accessed on the Empower portal on a 24/7 basis. To ensure a quick and efficient support process, all incidents must be reported by the customer using this portal or via phone.

Escalation: In case of an incident which needs higher attention or has a timeline expectation, the Support team also offers an escalation manager to provide regular updates and faster resolution.

SLA reporting

A monthly report will be provided with an overview of the customer-specific ARIS Cloud Enterprise service availability during past month. Contractually agreed availability SLA of ARIS Cloud Enterprise is 99.50%, measured over five-minute intervals each calendar month. ARIS Cloud Enterprise servers with size XL and larger can receive this reporting.



Upgrade ARIS Cloud Enterprise

ARIS Cloud Enterprise benefits from standard Software AG release cycles. Two upgrades per year are included in the subscription fee.


The customer's ARIS Cloud Enterprise server can be patched quickly by the Cloud Service Operations team. The Cloud Service Operations team collaborates closely with the Global Support team and the R&D team of Software AG.



24/7 security monitoring

ARIS Cloud Enterprise is covered by virus scanning and intrusion prevention systems to protect the cloud infrastructure. The system is monitored for security as well as for nonstop performance, and Operations Services will act on any security alert. In case of a security incident of Level 1 severity (customer data is exposed or compromised), Cloud Service Operations will alert the customer within four hours of discovery.


ARIS Cloud Enterprise is managed following standard processes evaluated by third-party auditors for completeness and effectiveness. ARIS Cloud Enterprise is certified yearly under the SOC2 Type II Standard and ISO 27001 for Security and availability.

Disaster recovery

ARIS Cloud Enterprise is built with failover and fault tolerance in mind. In the case of a true disaster, the vetted and regularly tested disaster recovery plan will be activated to recover the system to a point no less than 24 hours before and in no less than 12 hours.


All data in transit and at rest are encrypted in the ARIS Cloud. The Cloud Operations team is responsible for implementing and monitoring encryptions.

Security Patching

The operational systems will be patched to keep an up-to-date security patch level.

Security tools

The ARIS Cloud environment is secured and monitored by the Cloud Security and Cloud Operations teams. Tools are in place to cover the security and monitoring aspects and an alerting system is in place. These measures are in accordance with our SOC and ISO 27001 certifications.


Additional services

The following services are offered as options.

ARIS Cloud Enterprise Service management

A dedicated service manager is available to provide information about the support status (incidents) of the last month, the availability KPIs and other news. This information will be provided in a report. A monthly status call can be set up as well. Furthermore, the service manager can monitor escalated incidents.

ARIS Cloud Enterprise health check

A permanent health check monitors the customer’s ARIS environment regarding performance and availability requirements. The Cloud Service Operations team will be notified via an automated email about any conspicuities.

SLA reporting

A monthly report will be provided with an overview of the customer-specific ARIS Cloud Enterprise service availability during past month. Contractually agreed availability SLA of ARIS Cloud Enterprise is 99.50%, measured over five-minute intervals per calendar month.

ARIS Cloud Enterprise servers with size L and XL include this service.

ARIS Cloud Enterprise users & stakeholders

Here’s a quick look at the roles typically involved in the ARIS Cloud operations process.
ARIS Premium Services

Looking for expert application-level services? ARIS Premium Services— level up your operational experience

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