Activate ARIS Advanced for BPM - Base

Get to work quickly with business process management using ARIS Advanced. Generate value using best practices to lay the foundation for tailored business processes.

What do I get?

With this offer, you will get:

  • A BPM Business consultant to serve as your single point of contact
  • Onboarding and coaching for ARIS Advanced
  • Best practice workshops on modeling conventions, roles and responsibilities, and release cycle management
  • Support for the solution set up of modeling conventions and user management
  • A knowledge transition session to hand over the configured solution

What can I expect?

You will receive four workshops over a three-week period. After each workshop, the consultant creates customer-specific documentation and configuration, which is handed over in the final knowledge transition session planned in week four. As a result, you receive an individually configured ARIS Advanced solution so you can start the process modeling journey.

Who benefits from the Activate ARIS Advanced for BPM – Base Fast Track Service?

Business Process Managers reduce time to value and optimize investments when operationalizing an ARIS Advanced solution.

Business Process Modelers receive guidelines in producing high-quality ARIS models.

End Users gain efficiencies with a coordinated look and feel across processes.

Software AG’s Sales and Customer Success team members can provide pricing details upon request. All business will be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed to by Software AG Consultant and customer. Delivery will occur within customer’s standard business days and standard business hours. 

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