ARIS SaaS Upgrade Guidance 

Stay technically current and get the most from your ARIS technology investments. Our team will guide you through an upgrade for your existing ARIS-based solutions so you can fully benefit from the added capabilities offered in the latest product versions.

What do I get?

  • An easy and fast introduction on how to leverage new product capabilities
  • Additional support for planning and sizing
  • Expert guidance upgrading custom reports, macros and semantic checks
  • Additional support for self-service configuration during the upgrade

While the technical side of this upgrade is performed by the Software AG Cloud Operations team, this service provides support throughout the upgrade process with guidance during the migration and testing of your specific solutions.

What can I expect?

At the end of this engagement, you will:

  • Experience a smooth upgrade and assured business continuity
  • Benefit from enhanced functionality
  • Better understand how to apply new capabilities to improve agility
  • Have a clear understanding of the steps required to migrate customized solutions
  • Receive a step-by-step plan to regression test your solutions

This is a time-boxed activity lasting 4-15 days based on your existing ARIS SaaS environment.

Who benefits from ARIS SaaS Upgrade Guidance?

IT Stakeholders experience a smooth, hassle-free upgrade resulting in their platforms running on the latest ARIS technology. Line of Business Organizations experience improved agility and exposure to new product capabilities. Business Users learn best practices through mentorship from the Software AG consultant. BPM Center of Excellence gain support throughout the upgrade process with expert guidance.

Software AG’s Sales and Customer Success team members can provide pricing details upon request. All business will be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed to by Software AG Consultant and customer. Delivery will occur within customer’s standard business days and standard business hours. 

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