Cumulocity IoT UI Development — Get Started   

Get a guided introduction to UI development based on Cumulocity WebSDK (Angular). Learn how to set up a first UI project and integrate it into your CI/CD pipeline with expert guidance and shared Software AG best practices.

What do I get?

With this offer, you will learn how to:
  • Develop a custom widget and deploy it in the Cumulocity dashboard
  • Extend default Cumulocity applications to match specific use cases (e.g., addition of custom widgets, pages, or dashboards)
  • Integrate the build process of the UI application into your CI/CD pipeline 

New customers are equipped to deliver first value from the platform, while those already using Cumulocity will further their progress toward desired outcomes.

What can I expect?

This is an eight-day, fixed duration engagement. During this time, you will receive guidance through enablement and collaborative execution.

Who benefits from the Cumulocity IoT UI Development—Get Started Fast Track Service?

  • Business domain experts quickly establish their teams who bring hands-on experience using Cumulocity and Software AG best practices.
  • Development leaders get up to speed quickly creating customized UI applications that deliver value fast.

More details

  • How it works
    1. A Software AG consultant facilitates a kick-off meeting to set expectations, define success criteria and agree on a structure for the engagement. 
    2. As part of the kick-off, the consultant conducts an overview and enablement session on UI Development and how it is used in Cumulocity. 
    3. The consultant supports the setup of the development environment. 
    4. Next, together with the consultant you will identify two simple use cases: one for extending a Cumulocity application and one for developing a simple widget requiring custom implementation. 
    5. The consultant will work with you to support the creation of a UI application for the identified use-case.  
    6. The consultant supports the customer to then integrate the developed UI application in customer’s CI/CD setup. 
    7. Finally, the consultant will review all developed assets and ensure they are available to all participants. 
  • Service results

    By the end of the engagement, you will have received support to:    

    • Setup the development environment  
    • Create a copy of the Cockpit App for widget development 
    • Implement a sample widget 
    • Extend app with custom functionality 
    • Integrate the sample project into a CI/CD system of choice to allow for automated builds and tests. 

    An end-of-engagement report is delivered to use as reference for in-house developers.

Additional Fast Track Service information

Software AG’s Sales and Customer Success team members can provide pricing details upon request. All business will be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed to by Software AG Consultant and customer. Delivery will occur within the customer’s standard business days and standard business hours.

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