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ApiOmat is a comprehensive platform for developers, product owners as well as designers and citizen developers. Deliver new services and products for any device. Reach users with apps, voice assistants, chatbots, websites and even virtual realities.

Omni-Channel Banking

Digital Transformation Meets Retail Banking

Be Agile. Capitalize on XS2A Today.

ApiOmat & webMethods combine best-in-class integration, API and front-end capabilites.

Gain a simple and standard pro­cess to build re­us­able inte­gra­tions to enter­prise IT, secu­rity sys­tems, cloud so­lu­tions or IoT devices. There’s no black box, magical click-to-connect or special code to learn. Any in-house or ex­ter­nal devel­oper can quickly create these con­nec­tions using the skills they already have.

 Be Agile. Capitalize on XS2A Today

Features and Benefits

Simplified App Development ApiOmat, together with finAPI, simplifies the development of apps that access your organization’s and 3rd party data to connect accounts, display transactions and even offer additional services and products.
Fast Go-To-Market for Mobile Services
  • Generated SDKs for faster app go-to-market
  • Build & manage your own apps with ApiOmat's back-end as a service features
  • Front-end analytics
Fast & Full Integration Feature Set
  • Webmethods core capabilities
  • Orchestration in Webmethods
  • Simply use existing integrations
Banking API out of the box
  • Create your APIs within ApiOmat
  • Exposure using enterprise gateway
  • Analytics using webMethods
  • Out-of-the-box PSD2 and open bank API standards
Secured Management Customers benefit directly by having a single app that acts as a secure point of access to manage all their financial service providers and their products.
Out of the box features
  • PSD2/XS2A APIs pre-configured
  • Fulfills strong authentication requirements
  • Aggregates existing bank accounts for most German banks
  • Integration into Software AG’s webMethods ESB
  • Generated SDKs for 3x faster App development
Highly Secured Services
  • Traffic control
  • Secured, strong authentication
  • Auth2
  • SAML
  • Encryption
Two-Speed IT Traditional IT supports a secure and stable environment that is essential for every day operations, while agile IT is customer centric with a quick time-to-market, high flexibility and short development cycles. Combining the two speeds, traditional and agile, provides the flexibility and stability that companies require to continuously provide improved services while supporting day-to-day business.

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Overview Be Agile. Capitalize on XS2A Today

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