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A digital twin is a digital representation of physical assets. The Internet of Things (IoT) was driving the creation of digital twins so businesses could take action on data -- that crosses both the physical and digital worlds.

Now moved beyond IoT, digital twins are being introduced across all lines of business as an “Enterprise Digital Twin” that depicts the business operating model. Many organizations are using it to coordinate the critical interdependencies between people, processes and IT within complex digital business transformations. To achieve business excellence, business leaders rely on Software AG’s ARIS to help them build an Enterprise Digital Twin to:

  • Make your company more manageable and more adaptive to change
  • Design and implement digital business transformation roadmaps
  • Test changes before you implement them across your operations

ARIS is uniquely positioned to help you create an Enterprise Digital Twin that can accelerate your path to digital transformation. Your Enterprise Digital Twin will help you to sync your business end-to-end to achieve excellence by putting a magnified view on your business operating model

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As the leader in truly collaborative process improvement, Software AG can help you achieve excellence by making your processes transparent and agile with an Enterprise Digital Twin. These six critical enablers can help you get a deeper understanding of your business operations, improve efficiency and contain risks.
Business Model Defnition

Business Model Definition

You’ve designed a winning game plan for your business, but you don’t know how to best execute it. Software AG’s Enterprise Digital Twin, enabled by ARIS, lets you benefit from a systematic approach for documenting, planning, analyzing, and implementing your business strategies. Coupled with clear benchmarking and monitoring, it gives you the keys to driving your business to a successful future. Bridge the gap between your strategy and operations by boosting innovation and spotlighting differentiation.

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Transformation Empowerment

Transformation Empowerment

Whether you want to speed up business operations, win the hearts of customers, or foster global team collaboration, you can meet your business goals with exceptional and efficient business processes. An Enterprise Digital Twin structures process documentation and design, enhancing team collaboration and training, as well as process launch, on-going governance and continuous process improvement. By doing so, you’ll speed up your transformation, secure process control and achieve excellence at work.

IoT Alignment

IT / IoT Alignment

To apply your corporate strategy and your business processes, you need a fast, efficient way to map them to your IT environment. Empower your organization with an Enterprise Digital Twin that accurately depicts a real-time view of your underlying IT, while also executing processes. From ERP systems, such as SAP, or process automation and IoT initiatives – the Enterprise Digital Twin triggers and facilitates the smooth execution of your processes regardless of the underlying applications. Enhance operational efficiencies, create new revenue streams, and deliver a more engaging customer experience all via a magnified view of the organization -- an Enterprise Digital Twin.

Process Mining

Process Mining & Intelligence

To survive in continuously changing markets, your company—no matter its size or industry—must constantly re-think, re-imagine and re-invent its business models and processes. But how can you easily see where to optimize processes to improve the customer experience or operational efficiency? Use your Enterprise Digital Twin. Your Enterprise Digital Twin built on ARIS combines process design with process mining capabilities in one, single place to improve decision making. It harnesses the analysis functions to provide actual measured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) side-by-side with documented to-be processes. Gain insights by comparing planning & reality and simulating different scenarios to continuously improve your business.

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Customer Journey

Customer Journey Management

Customers now have enormous expectations. They want it all --the very best products and service, a personalized approach and for it to be a consistent process every time they engage with your business. Reach their hearts—and their wallets—by infusing customer satisfaction into every process across your business. The Enterprise Digital Twin lets you delight customers and dazzle them with positive experience every time. Understand how your customers interact with your business based on customer touchpoints analysis and detailed journeys. Recognize new ways to satisfy customer needs and increase brand value by acting on the KPIs customers care about.

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Risk Compliance Management

Risk & Compliance Management

Even the slightest misstep could put your company at risk. Make risk and compliance awareness universal to your business operations with an Enterprise Digital Twin. Integrate impact analysis, risk assessment and mitigation into business processes. Identify where to improve issue and incident tracking capabilities. Keep your business safe while reducing risks and complying with regulations like GDPR – with your Enterprise Digital Twin.

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