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Application modernization is a constant conundrum for IT executives. As technologies and IT environments evolve, executives must decide how best to modernize legacy applications that every business process and user depends on. Traditional methods of application modernization—rip and replace, rewriting old code, migrating off mainframe or selecting package software—tend to be risky, expensive and unreliable.

That’s where Software AG can help. Our Adabas & Natural Application Modernization Platform easily transforms existing applications to better meet business demands and continue delivering value for the enterprise.

Application modernization with Software AG

Adabas & Natural enables you to achieve application modernization and mainframe modernization by re-using, rather than replacing, to achieve legacy software modernization. With this Software AG solution, you can give a new “look and feel” to Natural, RPG, COBOL and other 3GL applications. Adabas & Natural modernizes interfaces quickly, letting you keep what’s reliable and changing only the elements that need updating. Applications can be modernized at the screen level or business-logic level, and mainframe integration capabilities allow core applications to be integrated with desktop and Web applications. With this application modernization solution, you can continue to get business value from the workflows, processes and business rules that are already embedded in your core apps.

With Adabas & Natural, you can:

  • Improve the experience for users by modernizing interfaces to promote consistent and intuitive interaction with all applications
  • Increase productivity by automating actions to eliminate redundancies and mental processes
  • Application modernization tools offer fast results and accelerate modernization initiatives
  • Avoid the risks of rip and replace by adding a modern interface to core apps and integrating them with other applications

Comprehensive capabilities for application modernization

Adabas & Natural provides a rich feature set to simplify application modernization:

  • Green-screen application modernization tools let you automatically transform green screens into modern Web pages
  • Mainframe data connectivity enables you to access mainframe databases and non-relational data systems
  • SOA enablement tools make it possible to expose program functionality as Web services
  • Application analysis features to analyze and re-document old application source code and assets
  • Mobile-enablement tools to integrate green-screen and legacy applications with mobile devices and apps
  • Legacy application integration features integration of mainframe and AS/400® application seamlessly with Java® and Microsoft® .NET
  • Platform re-hosting features make it possible to re-host Adabas & Natural applications to another platform

In addition to providing a leading application modernization solution, Software AG also provides offerings for for FX aggregation, in-memory computing, omni-channel fulfillment and more.

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