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As new technologies like cloud, mobile, social and big data continue to transform the business landscape, organizations need a superior business integration solution in order to keep pace. Combining key business processes and technologies for greater efficiency and agility, business integration enables enterprises to improve business performance and enhance the customer experience.

Software AG’s webMethods Integration Platform is a business integration solution with comprehensive capabilities for application integration, B2B integration, cloud integration, mainframe integration and more.

A leading business integration solution from Software AG

Software AG’s business integration solution is a pre-integrated software suite that lets you quickly integrate services, systems, processes, business partners, devices and data within your enterprise architecture to deliver new business value and achieve greater business performance.

With webMethods, you get the tools for comprehensive business integration. Moving far beyond traditional enterprise application integration—integrating applications, systems and databases—Software AG’s solution enables you to integrate applications in the cloud as a service, inside your firewalls or on-site at one of your partners. It enables outside developers to gain access to your data and capabilities via an API. It enforces your business policies and standards for all interactions between applications and users. And it allows you to integrate applications with mobile devices, big data, social media and business services, enabling you to adopt new technologies quickly while leveraging existing IT investments.

Software AG’s business integration solution provides you with the tools to:

  • Enable services for mainframe, packaged and custom applications and databases with a standards-based enterprise service bus
  • Orchestrate services using built-in mapping and transformation functions
  • Integrate and govern cloud-based and SaaS applications
  • Use a synchronous high-speed messaging to Web, mobile and enterprise clients
  • Manage the life cycle of integration artifacts end-to-end
  • Manage the electronic exchange of documents with partners
  • Manage file transfers across or within enterprises
  • Perform master data management for data related to customers and products

Key benefits of Software AG’s business integration platform

With webMethods business integration platform, you can:

  • Connect application silos, allowing mainframe, packaged and custom applications and databases to interoperate and exchange information easily
  • Improve time-to-market by re-using existing assets and creating new applications faster without sacrificing reliability
  • Leverage big data by maintaining an authoritative database in-memory
  • Support enterprise mobile apps by securely provisioning back-end data and capabilities
  • Lower maintenance costs for business integration by eliminating complex point-to-point connections
  • Improve relations with partners by on-boarding faster and without errors
  • Protect the enterprise data quality by ensuring that a single version of data is consumed by enterprise applications
  • Improve SAP connectivity with SAP integration tools

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