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Energy theft is a growing problem in the U.S. According to Forbes Magazine, as much as $6 billion in electricity is pirated each year, making it the most stolen item after credit card data and cars. In the past, utility companies have had few tools for combatting energy theft. But with the explosion of sensor data and the technology to process and analyze it, energy analytics solutions today are helping companies to more effectively identify potential theft and recover revenue.

When seeking a superior energy theft solution, leading utility companies turn to Software AG. As a leading provider of technology that helps businesses achieve their objectives faster, we offer an energy theft solution that can monitor millions of smart meter alerts and integrate them with other data streams for real-time comparison and benchmarking to identify and prevent fraud.

Energy theft solutions from Software AG

The heart of our energy theft solution is a world-class integration platform and several market-leading product suites that provide:

  • Real-time and batch data integration
  • Visualizations and dashboards for reviewing critical process measures
  • A “smart” system that comes to learn what is typical for each hour of the day and each day of the week
  • Analytics that can predict energy consumption
  • Optional in-memory management for big data
  • Rapid roll out of an energy theft solution

Together these technologies serve as a kind of risk management system for utilities, helping to identify energy theft and recover revenues by:

  • Processing real-time income in alerts from smart meters
  • Using analytics to identify inconsistencies between consumption and billing
  • Comparing real-time data streams with historical information to identify changes in consumption patterns
  • Monitoring the processes associated with investigating questionable service levels
  • Automating investigation and billing processes to improve revenue recovery

Benefits of this energy theft solution

Software AG’s energy theft technology provides utility companies with significant benefits. With this innovative platform, you can:

  • Identify potential theft by monitoring events in real time
  • Predict energy usage by customer class, season and weather conditions and compare it to actual energy consumption profiles
  • Benchmark baseline “normal” usage and variability
  • Compare predicted use to actual use and identify abnormal patterns
  • Automatically trigger processes for investigating theft
  • Prioritize energy theft investigations based on probability of theft and potential loss of revenue
  • Direct certain suspect cases for manual review based on customized thresholds
  • Monitor recovery efforts and balance workloads to ensure maximum recovery of revenue

In addition to providing a leading energy theft solution, Software AG also provides additional solutions for CEM software, claims management, real-time personalization, SAP connectivity and more.

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