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In-memory data management | Software AG

As enterprises increasingly turn to real-time big data, in-memory data management enables organizations to use big data for competitive advantage without increasing latency. Rather than burying data deep in a database where latency can become a problem as data volumes and user numbers increase, in-memory data management technology enables big data to be stored in-memory where it can be quickly retrieved by multiple users with multiple applications. By avoiding the need to query the database every time a user needs data, in-memory data management provides access to bigger data sets at real-time speed to increase the accuracy and speed of decision-making.

Terracotta In-Memory Data Management Platform from Software AG is a leading platform for distributed in-memory data management that provides extremely low and predictable latency at any scale. As big data plays an increasingly important role in enterprise competitiveness, Terracotta’s in-memory data management capabilities can help organizations use big data to generate revenue, improve customer service and create competitive differentiation.

How in-memory data management works

Terracotta stores massive amounts of data in memory for ultra-fast access. That means massive data sets can be instantly available in ultra-fast RAM that is distributed across server arrays of any size. Terracotta can easily scale to terabytes of heterogeneous data in-memory with guaranteed latency of low milliseconds.

With the power of in-memory data management, you can:

  • Make better decisions more quickly, accessing bigger data sets at real-time speeds
  • Take instant action on real-time insights with ultra-fast access and in-memory analytics
  • Detect and generate new revenue with the ability to deal with risks more quickly and seize opportunities instantly
  • Connect to social, enterprise, Web, mobile and other sources from a single scalable connectivity solution

What you can do with in-memory data management

In-memory data management has immediate and practical application across many industries, including manufacturing, banks, healthcare, retail, energy/utilities and government.

In retail, for example, in-memory data management is enabling real-time personalization of the shopping experience at brick-and-mortar retailers. In marketing, in-memory data management is also transforming customer experience management with valuable insight into customer needs and behaviors in order to create relevant real-time offers. In finance, in-memory data management can help to reduce risk and loss due to fraud by detecting complex fraud patterns and by dynamically determining positions across the trading portfolio based on millions of transactions.

In addition to in-memory data management, Software AG offers solutions for claims management, predictive maintenance, straight-through processing and more.

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Learn more about lightning-fast access to big data

Learn about other Software AG solutions for analytics and decisions

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