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Market manipulation | Software AG

In today’s fast-moving markets, financial firms must be able to quickly detect market manipulation or abusive trading and take quick action to protect clients and revenues. Market manipulation can take many forms, from fraud in trading algorithms to quote stuffing and spoofing, and it takes sophisticated fraud monitoring tools to be able to spot market manipulation and unusual trading patterns in high-speed, high-volume data streams.

Software AG provides a market surveillance and monitoring solution that financial firms can put to work right out of the box to help monitor market manipulation and adapt to changing regulatory requirements. By combining live streaming data and historical information and evaluating it to detect trading patterns across asset classes and markets in real time, Software AG enables financial firms to trade with confidence while staying ahead of rogue traders and market manipulation.

Spotting market manipulation
with Software AG

Software AG’s market and trade surveillance solution is built with state-of-the-art technology, including the world’s fastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine. This innovative technology enables firms to detect market manipulation and respond quickly, customize surveillance platforms as regulations change, and monitor multiple markets and asset classes from a single solution.

Software AG’s fraud prevention and detection solution helps to spot market manipulation by providing:

  • Out-of-the-box alert scenarios
  • High-performance scenario testing tools
  • Fully audited workflow and case management
  • Multi-asset and cross-asset class surveillance
  • Pre-defined reports for investigations and operational performance
  • Real-time and batch data integration
  • Rapid roll out

With the ability to take current, real-time metrics from multiple big data sources and combine them with historical information, Software AG’s fraud management solutions enable financial firms to identify fraudulent trading patterns and market manipulation quickly enough to stop transactions, improving compliance and managing risk more effectively.

Comprehensive features for combatting market manipulation

Software AG’s market surveillance solution serves as a highly effective risk management system and enables financial firms to:

  • Recognize complex rules and patterns in order to identify and respond quickly to market manipulation or abusive trading
  • Process massive amounts of “data in motion” from multiple data sources
  • Respond to urgent regulatory demands
  • Adapt scenarios to changing regulatory needs
  • Monitor fraud investigation efforts and balance workloads to ensure maximum recovery Integrate multiple sources and asset classes, including exchange traded and OTC
  • Merge and correlate end-of-day data streams with intra-day data streams

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