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While SAP software offers powerful tools for enterprise resource planning, financial management, customer relationship management and more, few enterprises would say their SAP solution promotes flexibility or agility. Yet these are the very qualities that organizations require to be successful in today’s marketplace. So what does an enterprise that relies on heavily on an SAP solution have to do to stay agile and flexible?

That’s where Software AG can help. As one of the world’s leading providers of software solutions that help organizations achieve their objectives faster, we provide solutions that evolve and accelerate the processes and services interacting with SAP applications, delivering the agility and flexibility you need without trying to get your SAP solution to do things it was not designed to do.

A SAP solution for the digitized enterprise

Software AG is unique in its ability to provide comprehensive solutions for creating a digital business platform. We offer more than a dozen solutions for SAP connectivity and SAP integration based on SAP-specific industry best practice models and analytics packages, and we can help your organization build on and make the most of your existing investments in your SAP solution.

Our SAP solution enables your organization to stay flexible and agile by building a digital business platform on top of your foundational SAP solution, evolving business processes so that they become more fully realized and functional. This involves:

  • Facilitating business and IT transformation
  • Expanding process integration
  • Building more agile processes
  • Creating more intelligent business operations

A comprehensive SAP solution

Our SAP solution combines several of our innovative product families:

  • webMethods for SAP Solutions promotes application integration and enables you connect systems, devices, services and processes quickly and effectively throughout the enterprise. webMethods also provides comprehensive business process management capabilities and enables you to create agile processes that can handle change management services and shield the SAP foundational software from disruption.
  • ARIS provides tools to help you identify, document and refine the business processes that support and interact with your SAP solution.
  • Alfabet enables the strategic transformation of business processes and applications with tools and services that ensure an integrated planning process and promote alignment of IT with business objectives.
  • Apama delivers streaming analytics that bring big data analytics, management and insight into your SAP solution.
  • Terracotta offers in-memory data management that allows you to engage in real time with an ever-growing volume of data, enabling you to respond more quickly and with greater agility as events unfold in the marketplace.

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