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To successfully build a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), enterprises must carefully manage the SOA life cycle. As Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) continue to radically transform the IT environment, more organizations are seeking to join the API economy and easily expose their APIs to internal and external developers.

But implementing SOA services is not an easy task—it’s an on-going process rather than a “one off” project, and enterprises must be prepared to manage the SOA life cycle over multiple years and through multiple iterations.

Software AG provides a leading SOA life cycle and API management solution in the webMethods API Management Platform, an end-to-end tool chain for managing APIs and the SOA life cycle.

Solution for the SOA life cycle
from Software AG

Software AG’s webMethods API Management Platform provides comprehensive capabilities for SOA governance throughout the entire SOA life cycle. This innovative solution brings together all the tools you need to manage your SOA and APIs. With webMethods, you get tools for API design, development, cataloging, implementation and publication, as well as capabilities for API monetization, governance, testing, analytics, maintenance, versioning and SOA life cycle management.

Software AG’s solution enables you to:

  • Manage the entire API and SOA life cycle
  • Securely provision apps, providing authentication, payload transformation, mediation, monetization and connection to supporting back-end systems and services.
  • Use analytics to understand how your APIs and your API portal are being used
  • Collect metrics for performance dashboards
  • Understand where your API visitors are located and the conversion rate of visitors to registered users

Managing the SOA life cycle

webMethods API Management Platform enables you to effectively manage all aspects of the SOA life cycle with tools for designing, developing, deploying, versioning and retiring APIs as needed.

SOA life cycle models and versioning capabilities help you to ensure that standards and practices are followed. Built-in versioning capabilities allow you to define and track versions.

Policy management tools help to design and configure policies to be applied to APIs at run-time. Pre-loaded policies simplify this task and custom policies can be defined at any time. A given policy may be applied to multiple APIs at the same time and be dynamically scoped by categorization, organization or naming patterns to save time when making changes.

Analysis tools help to make sense of the complex interdependencies of APIs on various services and applications, and an interactive graphical view of APIs and their relationships allows you to visualize the effect of changes beforehand to avoid issues and complications.

In addition to solutions for managing the SOA life cycle, we also provide solutions for managing for the B2B supply chain, market surveillance and more.

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Explore API management with Software AG

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