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                Explore a truly connected world - on demand
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                    Empowering the truly connected enterprise

The shift to digital is in hyperdrive, and there's no stopping it. The opportunities it creates are being seized by future-ready businesses—the truly connected enterprises, able to change their world and ours. At this year's conXion, we have deconstructed the rocket fuel that propels these businesses into orbit. (Spoiler: It's not magic. It's software.)

                        "Connection" is our new favorite word

What do we talk about at conXion? We talk about "connection" - a lot. We talk about the shifting dynamics in a truly connected world and the potential for good of the truly connected enterprise. We talk about connecting the dots. We even talk about connected bikes. Get just a taste of all this "connection" talk - and then register to join the full event on demand.

                The general session lineup

                Meet the world’s most connected man

Chris Dancy is a truly connected human being. In fact, 20,000 different applications and devices interact with him every day! The result is a mindful cyborg, able to turn data into wisdom for a fulfilled life. But can you really apply the same theory to your business? Sure you can! Let our moderator take you on a revealing journey into how connected enterprises are changing the world—literally for good.

                Competing in an increasingly connected world

Years ago, Geoffrey Moore penned the bestseller Crossing the Chasm and more recently Inside the Tornado and Zone to Win. While much has changed since then his books are as relevant as ever. Disruption is now faster and more pervasive. Join Geoffrey on the mainstage where he will be interviewed by Software AG CTO Bernd Gross. Geoffrey will give insights on how your enterprise can compete in an age of disruption, and will explain why the worst thing that can happen to your company is to be disconnected.

                Masters of value creation

What is the X Factor in your successful digital transformation? The answer is that special value – that when you release it – can change the course of your business forever. Join Dr. Stefan Sigg, CPO and Scott Little, CRO of Software AG in a panel with H.E. Wesam Lootah, CEO, Smart Dubai Government Establishment, Digital Dubai and Daniel Setiawan Subianto, Senior VP (Group Head) of IT Application Development, Bank Mandiri on how to unlock exponential value and overperform on strategic KPIs.

                C-suite keynotes

Join the Software AG Executive team to explore the truly connected world from different perspectives. Discover how you can empower, realign and prepare your enterprise in an era of accelerated digital shift. 

  • Empowering the truly connected enterprise, Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO
  • How IT truly connects your people, Dr. Elke Frank, CHRO
  • What does it take to become a truly connected enterprise? Bernd Gross, CTO (with Geoffrey Moore)

                What else to expect at conXion

Explore the truly connected world through the eyes of thought leaders, trailblazers and some of the most connected companies (and people) under the sun. All sessions will be offered with closed captions in: Spanish (Latin), French, Korean, Arabic, German, Chinese Simplified, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Japanese, and English.

                    Get a sneak peek at what's next

Sneak a peek at the products that will take your connections to the next level with an insider look at the best-in-breed product innovations on the horizon. Get ready for the next chapter of IoT, API, integration and business transformation products so you can be poised to adopt and deploy faster than your competition.

                    Learn from customer & partner use cases

Learn how some of the most connected enterprises are making the most of their connections. Take a tour behind the scenes of their digital transformations. Then take their best practices and make them your own. 

                    Expect insights from industry experts 

Pump up your industry expertise. Listen in as our star-studded panel of industry experts (from government, comms & media, and manufacturing) discuss the future in three riveting and revealing roundtables.

                    Get certified for free

Step up your product expertise with complimentary training. Work towards certification on Software AG products and impress your team with your knowledge of best practices. 

                Additional Resources

                    Where innovation gets personal

Did you know that by hearing people’s personal stories, you can help your business innovate and grow? It’s true. At conXion 2021, some fascinating individual learnings show how being truly connected can help you & your company succeed. 

                    How to say "conXion"

We're getting lots of questions about how to pronounce "conXion." Our CEO, Sanjay Brahmawar, clears it up once and for all - and previews a few topics of his keynote at the event. 

                    Change how you think @ conXion

conXion 21 is going to alter how you think about your enterprise. Learn from the most connected man on earth, as well as author Geoffrey Moore and great leaders from truly connected enterprises. Take part in the State of Connectedness index, a world first!

                    The new WWW: Worldwide Wisdom

Chris Dancy will unveil his theory on the enterprise of tomorrow: World-Wide Wisdom. How can connected values power sustainable growth? Why do we need more techno optimists? Will enterprises be able to control time? All this and more at conXion.

                    Your greatest threat?

At conXion 2021 (October 5-7), Geoffrey Moore, the world-famous organizational theorist and author, will offer some advice on how your company can become truly connected and move the needle toward change.

                    Lessons in Connectedness 

Yet if there is anything that the pandemic taught us about our connected lives, it’s how interdependent we are and how much we can use technology to keep us safe and aligned to the things we value.

                    Questions about conXion?