A1 Digital: Improving efficiency with industrial IoT insights 

Sustainability is a team effort. A1 Digital’s IoT solutions are helping its customers – and the A1 Group itself – to meet sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. In this video, Christoph Marschall, Product Manager IoT Solutions at A1 Digital, explains how the company’s IoT solutions help tighten industrial processes and provide actionable industrial insights. 

When A1 Digital was building its IoT solution, flexibility was key. The IoT solution vendor and service provider helps its customers monitor and manage machines, facilities and fleets from a single, scalable platform. This means customers can use data from those connected “things” to manage them efficiently – optimizing uptime, predicting maintenance needs and keeping costs down. This also allows it to create new business models to compete in quickly evolving markets.

But to ensure that all devices – from various manufacturers as well as those built in-house – and connectivity methods would work together effortlessly, A1 Digital needed to find an open, flexible IoT platform to use as a foundation for their service. It chose Cumulocity IoT, which helps “develop lots of different use cases for all the different needs from [its] customers.”

How is Software AG helping you achieve your sustainability goals? 

ESG and sustainability is, of course, an important topic and plays a central role for lots of IoT projects here. We as a service provider and solution provider for IoT are at the same time also part of the A1 Group, which is a huge telecommunications provider in Central Europe and this gives us this fortunate position that on one side that projects that we’re doing within the A1 Group are contributing to our sustainability goals and ESG targets, but at the same time using our IoT foundation which includes Cumulocity IoT, we are helping other companies.  

We are helping our customers to improve their efficiency, to reduce their resource consumption and  thus reach their sustainability goals. In specific, it means we are offering solution footprints to reduce energy consumption by providing energy monitoring. We are tightening industrial processes using our industrial insights solution.  

We are improving logistics by providing our asset insight solution for tracking and asset management and so forth. In addition, we doing custom projects for lots of customers, just tailoring to the needs that they have in order to reach their goals. 

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