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CodeWrights is a German technology company founded in 2002 and is a growing leader of integrating devices in industrial manufacturing for its customers. CodeWrights bridges connections from sensors and actuators used in process automation to higher level control systems, and asset management systems. Its IIoT platform runs applications installed on edge-based gateways accessible via the cloud.


  • Increase access to equipment data and analysis through centralized platform
  • Optimize automation using IoT
  • Offer improved operational efficiency and overall factory health


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Cut factory downtime
  • Reduced costs with predictive maintenance
  • Improved worker safety
  • Self-service optimization and customization of sensor data


With Cumulocity IoT, CodeWrights customers—and their end customers—manage their industrial devices. Plant operators can see details about their connected devices in customizable dashboards, on-premises or in the cloud. 

                    “With Cumulocity IoT, we can harness the data we need and deliver the data customers need.”

 – Dr. Michael Gunzert, Director Business Development, CodeWrights

                Unleashing IIoT data hiding in plain sight

CodeWrights turns data into information. The company’s deep expertise in writing device drivers lets its customers in industrial manufacturing connect sensors and actuators to pull off incredible feats of automated manufacturing efficiency.

“If you’re factory plant operator, knowing the temperature, pressure or flow rates of tools is necessary information,” says Dr. Michael Gunzert, Director Business Development at CodeWrights. “But in today’s competitive market, if you only access this basic data from your devices, you’re leaving serious efficiency, and dollars, on the table.”

That’s why CodeWrights teamed up with Software AG and its Cumulocity IoT platform. Together, they unleashed a fluid flow of actionable industrial IoT data to CodeWrights’ customers that was just waiting for the taking: Their devices already had the capability to produce it. But it wasn’t accessible.

The new solution autonomously collects everything from device ID, manufacturing date, operational parameters and beyond—driving predictive maintenance, worker safety and the bottom line improvements for large industrial customers.

Everything, about every “thing” from everywhere

The Cumulocity IoT-powered solution allows CodeWrights’ customers—and their end customers—to manage industrial devices with newly accessible data. Now plant operators can literally see everything about all their IoT connected devices in customizable dashboards on-premises or in the cloud.

That’s important because a temperature sensor can output 100 to 300 variables beyond just temperature, including its location, firmware version, health parameters and more. For a flow transmitter that number is about 2,000. With the CodeWrights IIoT server, it’s all suddenly accessible and stored for analysis centrally, and visible and controllable from anywhere in the world.

“As a plant operator using our platform, I can see my installed asset base, revisions, configurations, and even health and predictive maintenance flags,” says Gunzert. “In the past, a plant’s engineering plans might have been 20 years out of date, and you’d have to send a person to literally collect this information by hand with every change.”

No more. And best of all, a gateway running the solution detects devices automatically once it’s installed and configured. No manual steps needed.

Goodbye downtime, hello profit

“With Cumulocity IoT, our customers can record everything for later, and use dashboards to see only what they need in the moment to monitor and maintain the health of their devices,” says Gunzert.

Predictive maintenance is planned maintenance. And that means avoiding painful delays and high costs from unexpected downtime that directly eat into profits. Automatic notifications of equipment starting to go out of spec keeps production agile and under control, and manufacturing quality consistent and high.

The business case is clear. Better safety for employees and better visibility for plant operators. Planned updates, higher efficiency and industry-leading reliability. That’s what CodeWrights, building on the Cumulocity IoT platform, provides with CodeWrights IIoT server. And why its customers are thriving.

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