IoT device connectivity 

                Quickly connect  any asset with our self-service IoT platform

                Code less, connect more with Cumulocity IoT

To grow your business on the Internet of Things, you need to connect any “thing”—and fast. With Cumulocity IoT, you’ll be using open standards, so you’ll be able connect any “thing” today and tomorrow. That means you can bring your own hardware and tools, and pick the components that best fit your business.

 In just a few clicks, you can start consuming a fluid flow of live data from your IoT connected devices. Connect your devices in the cloud, on-premises and/or at the edge of your IoT solutions. 

                Connect to everything

You’ll have out-of-the-box connectivity to 100+ devices and support for 300+ protocols. Connect non-standard “things” using a straightforward development framework.

                “Plug and play” devices

Your IoT solutions will be self-configuring. Plug in any device and the platform will automatically accommodate its capabilities and the structure of its data. It's that easy!

                Connect using our device SDKs

If your device does not support a standard protocol, use our SDKs to integrate any device with the Cumulocity IoT platform. Your developers can natively integrate using publicly documented APIs.

                IoT connected devices & Cumulocity IoT—
made for each other

Connect to everything, run anywhere and integrate with any application using Cumulocity IoT. Innovate on the only completely open IoT platform and free your business from the constraints of being locked into proprietary technology stacks.

                    Plug & play—no coding required 

Your certified devices will work out of the box on Cumulocity IoT. In fact, you can connect automatically to the widest number of devices and gateways, including low-power wireless devices in the field and different fieldbus devices. Supported protocols include OPC UA, MODbus®, CANopen®, SNMP, PROFIBUS, LWM2M®, Sigfox® and LoRa®.

                    Keep communication simple

Once your IoT connected devices are on our platform, it’s easy to communicate with them. Regardless of which device you use or how you decide to connect, once it is connected with Cumulocity IoT, you can interact with it in the same way as with any other device on our platform.

                    Easily connect any "thing"

Developers can use straightforward SDKs and APIs to transform the language of a device to something that can communicate within Cumulocity IoT. People certify devices continuously to work on our platform, making it easier for you to get up and running with an IoT solution. See all the devices certified today on Cumulocity IoT.

                    Don’t go IoT alone

Use the combined power of what makes your business unique with our expertise to quickly build and test a tangible IoT project. Cumulocity IoT QuickStart is a consultant-led program that helps you prove the value of your IoT strategy. Low risk, low cost—and there’s no easier way to get started on the IoT.

                    Get certified on the #1 IoT platform

Join Software AG’s device certification program. Certify your device so it’s ready to work with Cumulocity IoT.

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