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                IoT connected devices 

                Quickly connect  any asset with our self-service IoT platform to leverage the power of IoT connected devices

                Code less, connect more with Cumulocity IoT

Connecting your devices easily, efficiently, and fast is the first step in your IoT journey, and sets the tone for your IoT projects. Cumulocity IoT ensures that this can be done in an intuitive and efficient manner - from a first Proof of Concept to connecting and managing your device fleet at scale. In just a few clicks, you can start consuming a fluid flow of live data from your IoT connected devices.

Gain the flexibilty and ability to extend your currently available integration options with our development framework. Hardware and protocol restrictions are a thing of the past.

                Integration made easy

Cumulocity IoT offers out-of-the-box connectivity to hundreds of devices, be it sensors, gateways or PLCs allowing you to connect your devices without writing one line of code.

                “Plug and play” devices

Plug in any device and the IoT platform will automatically accommodate its capabilities, and the structure of its data. It's that easy!

                Connect to every "thing"

Use our SDKs to extend your connectivity options by building custom integrations. Connect any device to the Cumulocity IoT platform. 

                    Unlock the value of your data

Every protocol comes with its own data structure. Connect any device, independent of the "language" it speaks and Cumulocity IoT will take care of this issue for you. Once your IoT connected devices are on the platform, Cumulocity IoT will unify all the different data flows into one common domain model. Analyze and query your complete datasheet and discover valuable insights. 

                    Extend your capabilities to the edge

Use our open-source framework to extend your capabilities to the edge. thin-edge.io addresses the issue of the lack of standardization by providing robust, extensible and cloud- agnostic loT connectivity while only requiring a small memory footprint and low compute power. Accelerate your loT project implementation through an easy, flexible way to connect to an loT platform with thin edge. 

                    Leverage pre-built connectivity solutions

Seamlessly integrate a wide range of devices in just a few steps. With Cumulocity loT's the pre-built protocol adapters, you can achieve this without even needing to write one single line of code, simplifying your device connectivity processes. The supported protocols range from brownfield protocols such as Modbus to OPC UA and lightweight options like LwM2M.

                    Connect your industrial equipment

One of the keys to success for smart solutions, is a unified approach to communication. Existing fieldbus systems used for automation don't allow for standardized data access and control. OPC UA addresses this problem by not only providing standardized and secure access to industrial machines and devices, but also by semantically describing the data and enabling you to accommodate legacy systems and infrastructure.

                    Connect your lightweight devices

loT often involves the deployment of distributed, power-constrained fleets of devices. Easily navigate these constraints with LwM2M, due to its efficiency in both power consumption and data usage. By providing an extensible data model as well as a secure, and robust way to communicate, you are well prepared for large scale lot deployments.

                    Partner for success

Finding the right hardware partner is tough. With over 140 different devices already listed in our device partner portal, we are growing our ecosystem, so that you may grow as per your desires and needs. Our device certification program ensures optimal interoperability with our IoT platform and make it much easier for you to find the best device for your project.

                    Create your own connectivity solution

Our rich device Software Development Kits (SDKs) enable you to integrate any of your devices natively, by building your own IoT connectivity solution tailored to your needs, based on REST and MQTT. Get the most out of Cumulocity IoT for your IoT connected devices.    

                    How to drive business outcomes with IoT

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                    Triple your ROI from IoT

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