Creating a framework for a single source of truth for a complex industrial business

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Flowserve is a manufacturer and service provider of fluid motion control solutions. Founded over 230 years ago, it employs more than 15,000 associates around the world. With over $3 billion in annual sales, it offers a wide range of products, from pumps and seals to valves and instrumentation.


  • Lack of shared process visibility
  • 200 years of complexity without a centralized process architecture
  • No uniformity on terminology and acronyms
  • No clarity on roles, responsibilities, and procedures
  • Desire to conduct internal audit of process excellence


  • Mapped several hundred processes across complex organization
  • Created a framework for a single source of truth across the enterprise
  • Onboarded 250+ users
  • Created a framework for standardized process definition
  • Established a foundation to enhance internal process audit


  • ARIS Enterprise: Business Design & Strategy and Risk & Compliance Management

                    "Taking a road analogy to illustrate a business request for a new system. The IT department would plan, build, and pave the road making sure it connects Point A to Point B. The business has additional expectations for the road to have the needed markings, guardrails, speed limit, and safety signage to provide clear guidance on how to arrive safely when traveling on that road. Using ARIS to map our processes, a common framework has been created to allow for the Business and IT to work together on a solution that is mutually beneficial"

– Stephen Griffis, Principal Business Analyst, Flowserve

Like many companies, Flowserve’s complex industrial business has multiple offerings. With 300+ sites and plants in more than 50 countries, there was no centralized process view across the enterprise. Processes weren’t mapped consistently, and there wasn’t a common language for company-wide terms and acronyms, or a standard definition of roles and responsibilities.
In 2019, Flowserve recognized these issues and brought in ARIS to establish a unified process architecture on one single platform.

Getting the processes flowing

In three years, Flowserve has gone on to map several hundred processes spanning its core operations including R&D, Planning, Supply Chain, Project Management, Quality, and Finance.

With new users onboarding every week, the interest in ARIS as the process management platform continues to increase at Flowserve. Those who previously worked with Microsoft® Visio recognize how strategic ARIS can be. One of their favorite features is the RASCI responsibility assignment matrixes. This enables them to see exactly which stakeholders are responsible, accountable, supporting, consulting and informed for each task in a given process.

Diverse company, diverse use cases

Company-wide process visibility and transparency are a huge benefit. With many important processes mapped, Flowserve is excited about what its new-found single source of truth will deliver in terms of use cases and business value.

Flowserve’s Internal Audit Department sees the value and are beginning to carry out internal audits using ARIS to compare modeled and actual processes.

As Stephen points out “ARIS is becoming part of our DNA at Flowserve”.

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