Kemin: New IoT insights and services on the cloud 

Kemin provides the science inside countless products, with solutions that strengthen the health and wellbeing of people around the planet. In this video, Tom Verleyen, Global Platform Director Nutrition and LiquiSMART at Kemin, explains how connecting Kemin’s application systems to Cumulocity IoT helps the company deliver new value-adding customer solutions and performance insights through cloud-based technology. 

What problem did Software AG and Cumulocity IoT help solve?

So with the help of Cumulocity, we were able to connect our liquid application systems towards a cloud-based solution. And the reason we were looking for this digitalization relates on many areas. 

First of all, we have a huge number of systems which are operational across the globe. We have a very strong support team who is very close to our customers. But by making sure that these systems can be connected towards the cloud solution, we were able to further increase our speed of responsiveness towards our customers for software updates, troubleshooting, etc. So this resulted in an increased connectivity with our customers. 

The second area is basically that all our application systems are PLC driven. So they are generating a lot of information. That information is just stored at the PLC level. By making sure that we have this digital connectivity towards the cloud platform Cumulocity IoT, we were able to retrieve data from our application systems and further give insights towards our customers how they could further optimize their production process and get more out of our application systems. 

The third area relates towards the fact that we also received questions from our customers who said, “we really would like to have the connectivity of the Kemin application systems so when we are traveling or when we are not in the office, that we also can see that actually the Kemin products are being pumped in our facilities.” 

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