Is your IoT solution enterprise grade?

Do you want to ensure your IoT solution is reliable, scalable and high performance? Learn how to measure it with realistic and dynamic tools. With 6 tests that closely mirror real-world situations, you can assess if your IoT solution is enterprise-grade. If your IoT platform struggles to keep up, learn how to choose and deploy a modern, reliable and efficient IoT platform that gives you the power to manage millions of devices.

Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform is the leading self-service IoT platform to deliver reliable, scalable operations. Get started with a free trial or contact us to calculate your personalized ROI based on the same methodology used in Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact™ study.

Learn how MachNation’s team of IoT performance testing engineers can help you assess your performance, scalability, and overall reliability. Get started with Tempest.

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