Belgium Prosecutor’s Office

                Making a case for ARIS Process Mining

When it comes to trying cases within Belgium’s prosecutor’s office, following the right processes and procedures can’t simply be left to chance. It isn’t a matter of efficiency – it is a matter of law. That’s why Gerrit Franssen, BPM/WLM coordinator at SPF Justice has put ARIS in place to model the prosecutor office’s processes – and ARIS Process Mining to measure how processes are being followed on an ongoing basis. It takes process conformance from theory to reality.

Watch the full video to see how SPF Justice (Belgium’s public prosecutor’s office) is using ARIS and ARIS Process Mining to make sure that every case is handled correctly.

What are the benefits of using ARIS Process Mining

So the benefits of ARIS Process Mining is that it helps us to give an idea of how processes are executed in real time. WE do make modeling and its always starting with having an idea of how a process should work. But if you don’t have the tools to measure how it’s in reality, it stays theoretical. That’s why mining can help us to have this idea to see if it conforms to the model. If it doesn’t change the way how it should be according to legislature, for example. As a prosecutor, you really need to follow the rules. You need to follow the procedures and the directives from the board prosecutor channel.

Why do you think combining process modeling and mining is key to your success?

In our organization, the key to success is really combining the modeling aspect and the mining aspect. We first start modeling the process to get an idea of what is the happy flow and what should be the way that we handle cases in the prosecutor’s office. Then you need to tools to see how it’s executed in life, in reality. And you can’t just go interview people. You need objective data. That’s why process mining can help us.

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