Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Using DevOps and APIs to be a leader in FinTec

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) has used Adabas & Natural for 30 years to reliably run its back office clearing and settlement platform for a wide range of securities and financial instruments including shares, bonds, Treasury bills, ETFs, options and futures for equity indices, options and futures of foreign currency exchange rates. In this video, Hezi Shirazi, DBA and Applications Manager, TASE, explains how the company’s adoption of DevOps and APIs has helped them compete for market leadership against digital-first fintech firms.

TASE brought all its programmers together under one DevOps-based architecture. Software AG’s Eclipse-based development environment, NaturalONE, integrated easily with the DevOps environment already being used by TASE’s Java®, C++ and Python® programmers. Now development of new applications and enhancements to existing applications is guided by the same DevOps standards and procedures regardless of programming language or models.

The move to NaturalONE and DevOps also ensured programmers had access to the latest state-of-the art tools for agile development and deployment. This simplifies the management of the Natural source code, Adabas schema and APIs by using open-source version control systems like Git, Jira and Jenkins with the NaturalONE IDE.

By using RESTful APIs, TASE opens and connects its Adabas & Natural system with Java and .NET apps inside and outside the organization. webMethods EntireX allows it to expose Natural business logic and also consume APIs from external systems with minimal effort.

TASE is confident in the reliability and longevity of its Adabas & Natural applications which support millions of transactions a day and hundreds of users.

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