CONNX data 
integration solution

                Unlock the value of your data—wherever it resides

                Integrate your data, from legacy to cloud

To become data-driven, you need to leverage all the information in your enterprise across apps, clouds and systems. With the CONNX data integration solution, you can easily access, virtualize and move your data—wherever it is, however it’s structured—without changing your core systems. 

                        The only data integration
solution you’ll need

Got three minutes? See how CONNX simplifies data integration for you. It’s ideal for legacy data integration, cloud data integration, data warehouse modernization, replicating and syncing data, and much more.

                Why you’ll love CONNX

                150+ database adapters

Integrate enterprise data everywhere, fast, with the broadest access to data sources—more than 150 and counting. Connect legacy to cloud and everything in between with our data integration solution.

                Fast access to mainframe data

Access VSAM, Db2®, IMS™ and Adabas data in just minutes. Build on your investments in high-performing systems. Use all your data to your advantage with CONNX.

                Most ways to get data to the cloud

CONNX offers the greatest number of ways to connect your legacy data to the cloud. Harness data in your mainframe, HP® OpenVMS, iSeries (AS/400), UNIX® and other platforms for business intelligence, cloud and digital transformation initiatives.

                Single view of data

Create a single view across distributed databases and disparate sources and manage
metadata easily. Present data from legacy, relational, big data and cloud to users in one place in real time.

                All-in-one solution 

Enjoy seamless and efficient data access, virtualization and movement across platforms by using CONNX. Use advanced ETL tools for more complex data movement and transformation.

                Low TCO 

Right-size CONNX to match your needs. Make data integration cost effective with a platform that’s fast to implement, easy to use and rapidly updated.

                    3 secrets to unlock your data

See how to quickly access, view or move data to make customers happier, make better decisions and assure business continuity. It’s easy—you’ll see. 

                    See, decide & act with Software AG

Make the most of all your data—wherever it resides—with CONNX