Mainframe integration and modernization

                Take an API-led approach to making critical business applications easier to connect

                Modernize mainframe applications

As big data, mobile, social media and the cloud continue to revolutionize IT environments, you need to integrate new technologies with your core mainframe applications to drive growth. Accelerate innovation by building on what works.

By taking a non-invasive approach to integrating your core systems with new technologies, our mainframe integration solution lets you cost effectively reuse existing applications to accelerate your strategic initiatives.

                Knock down mainframe data silos

Transform mainframe and legacy data into standard SQL for easy access and integration with APIs, data warehouses, business intelligence tools, data-driven apps and the cloud.

                Reuse your business logic 

Connect to new channels, services and apps, on-premises or in the cloud by producing and consuming APIs with COBOL, Assembler, PL/1 and Natural applications.

                Modernize the user experience

Make your app available on web and mobile devices with web terminal emulation or web enablement. Produce APIs from 3270 and 5250 user screen flows.

                    Modernize IBM Z applications with API integration

While IBM Z platforms reliably run the world, your business is probably facing some of the three drivers that require greater connectivity between the mainframe and digital platforms. Discover how to use API Integration to quickly and easily reuse what already works and build from there.

                    Software AG and IBM z16


Software AG is a proud partner to IBM and a leader in digital transformation. Listen how we address mainframe modernization for hybrid cloud for IBM z16.


                Accelerate innovation with mainframe integration

Don’t replace your most valued technologies. Reuse them to drive innovation! New digital and cloud initiatives are driving the need to integrate all enterprise data sources. With systems, databases and applications, you need a way to integrate it all to drive future innovation.

                    Create mainframe APIs quickly

APIs are fueling the creation of new apps, development of customer-centric services and the delivery of new business models that capitalize on the widespread adoption of cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things. Your mainframe can easily participate. Create REST APIs from your mainframe business logic, screens, data or user interface with minimal effort. Enrich your mainframe application functionality by consuming APIs from other sources.

                    Modernize mainframe data fast 

Your core applications manage massive amounts of valuable data and high-volume transactions. Unlock that data and gain more insights into your customers, channels and business operations. Transform data from Db2®, flat files, Adabas, IMS™, QSAM and VSAM™ into Standard Query Language (SQL) for easy access and integration with data lakes, business intelligence platforms, analytics tools and the cloud.

                    Cloud innovations with mainframe data

The cloud is your innovation platform. But your trusted system of record is on your IBM Z. The key to keeping both in sync to drive maximum value is integration. Ensure your data in the cloud and on-prem is reliable and up-to-date so your actions, analysis and insights are based on the best information available. Move your enterprise data from virtually any source, capturing changes from single or multiple data sources to cloud databases or warehouses. Keep your on-prem system of record up to date by bringing data back from new cloud apps.

                    Knock down mainframe data silos

Unlock the value of your data for greater insights and better business performance. Integrate the data across your systems, from legacy to cloud, more completely and easily than you ever thought possible.

                    Improve workforce productivity & mobility

Make a better connection with the people who use your applications every day. Don’t just eliminate green screens when modernizing your applications, create a better UX by improving processes. With redesigned workflows, intuitive web interfaces and modern apps, your end users will see productivity gains that directly impact your business.

                    Explore 3 ways to quickly connect IBM Z to digital

Cross the chasm between and new and the known with mainframe integration

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