Adabas data integration

                Unlock your valuable Adabas data to new channels and applications

                Access and integrate Adabas data using SQL

Get Adabas data where it needs to be in real time for better decisions and efficiency.

                Access fresh data

Ensure people, platforms and applications have the latest Adabas data for decision making.

                Increase agility

Make split-second decisions with access to real-time Adabas data wherever it resides.

                Reduce costs 

Save costs by crunching more numbers at the network’s edge—and not on your mainframe.

                Act faster with easy access to Adabas data

Give decision makers and analytics systems access to real-time Adabas
data—in a format easily understood and consumed using SQL.

                    Deliver real-time data anywhere

By replicating changed Adabas data to other systems based on events, you can interact with data in real time and know you’re always working with the latest data. By creating a virtual data services layer understood by a multitude of applications, you’ll deliver aggregated data to the cloud, mobile devices and scores of new business channels.

                    Connect and integrate

Using standard interfaces, Adabas can connect with cloud platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft® Azure®, content repositories like data lakes and data warehouses, and streaming analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning platforms and other analytics tools.

                    Make it consumable

To get the most out of Adabas data, ensure it’s delivered efficiently and in the right data format to be consumed by business users and analytics tools. You can do exactly that with SQL data access and integration for Adabas data.

                    Free up mainframe CPU

Why force expensive mainframe CPU resources to do work that could be handled cheaply and efficiently elsewhere? Now you can handle more CPU-intensive operations right where the gateway client resides.

                    Turn your data into a competitive advantage

Unlock a goldmine of enterprise data to business analysts and developers to accelerate cloud adoption, build new apps, feed data analytics and power anywhere engagement.

                Our customers—truly connected enterprises

The California Department of Technology processes billions of transactions weekly using Adabas and Natural. To ensure the latest information is at the ready, the department relies on real-time Adabas replication.
Celepar, the revenue service for the state of Parana in Brazil, aimed to collect R$700 million in back taxes. By replicating Adabas data to more than 800 BI and web apps, Celepar exceeded its goal by a noteworthy 146%.
“For 25 years, Virginia DMV has easily updated the same database and application system to meet changing regulations … Through it all, Adabas & Natural are always reliable, fast and secure,” the database administrator said.

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