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If your business is like most, your IT landscape has grown into an extremely complicated web of servers and solutions. Help is here: Alfabet FastLane, a Software-as-a-Service that’s low cost and risk free, an ideal starting point for IT portfolio management.

Alfabet FastLane enables small teams and individuals to quickly arrive at the answers to commonly asked questions about IT composition, cost and supported business capabilities.

                        See IT all in minutes

Put your IT information into Alfabet FastLane, then quickly generate dashboards and reports that make it easy to see, decide and act on your IT investments.

                Why you’ll love 
Alfabet FastLane for 
IT portfolio management

                Quick setup, instant value

Introduce IT portfolio management to your business at low cost. There’s no configuration or implementation time. Realize value fast with predefined business questions, reports and roles, and easy guided data upload.

                Easy IT portfolio management

Manage business, application, information, technology and cloud portfolios with one easy-to-use interface. With Alfabet FastLane, you gain immediate insight into your level of data governance and completeness across portfolios.

                Fast answers about your IT portfolio

Find answers to questions like: What are my most expensive applications? What’s our technical debt? Who are our application owners and vendors? What technology could we retire? What’s the business impact of IT failure?

                Deep insights into your IT investments

Easily highlight potential problem areas in your IT. Understand gaps in your architecture. Defend and support your IT decisions. Hone in on five areas critical to portfolio management that will drive business growth and innovation.

                Best-practice guidance

Alfabet FastLane gives you the benefit of best practices from our Alfabet product for large enterprises. Alfabet is consistently positioned as a leader in enterprise architecture, IT planning and portfolio management.

                Define your cloud migration strategy

Migrating to the cloud can be complex. Accelerate your cloud migration by understanding potential impacts. Our cloud assessment helps you identify IT assets to move to the cloud and decide your migration strategy.

                Check your compliance

Find out the status of your IT cyber security and ensure compliance with common standards (such as SCA and CIA) with a best-in-the-market data governance practice.

                Multi-dimensional roadmaps

Simplify change with an overview of your IT portfolio, ownership and third-party dependencies. Make better decisions with up-to-date IT information.

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