Use process mining to optimize your IoT usage

                Get data-driven insights on every sensor or device to support in your IoT usage

                Harmonizing IoT processes from start to finish

The Internet of Things continues to be full of promise – but also full of uncertainty. Enterprising manufacturers and factories need a way to better plan (and justify) IoT investments and to optimize how all of those “things” work together. 

Regardless of the level of IoT maturity, traditional business intelligence tools only go so far, focusing on output, but not on the “how” and “why.” How much time or money could we save with an IoT approach? How would IoT-connected devices change our as-is processes? And how is our IoT transformation progressing?

All of these questions can be answered – in part – by making a case for IoT in process mining. Smart devices, paired with process mining, are a smart approach.

                Identify and justify IoT investments

Forecasting how IoT investments will pay out isn’t something that should be left to intuition. With process mining, you can compare as-is processes to to-be production processes powered by the IoT. You can see the potential based on real data and process models grounded in reality – not just your gut. The result is easier buy-in and better-informed investments.

                Find and exploit “happy paths”

Choose the path of least resistance. Identify so-called happy paths in your production and double down on them as the to-be standard. The result is increased throughput with higher efficiency and lower cost.

                Analyze production variants

Find outliers in your production processes and understand what they are costing your business. Then explore ways to reduce the variation to plan production quality and volume more precisely.

                Completely compliant processes

Never wonder whether processes are being followed. Automatically compare process execution with the underlying operation procedures. And calculate the
conformance rate, so-called “fitness rate,” or processes, as well as how your documentation compares to reality.

                Get details on deviations

Dig into the deviations from your standardized operations and analyze their impact. Then create a plan about how to avoid them in the future — or better — align your process documentation with reality.

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                Doing “things” right
with process mining

                Your advantages

Make the most of the IoT, without the uncertainty. Use ARIS Process Mining to confidently make investments in the connected devices that you really need, to make the most of the ones you have based on real data and to continuously improve your business operations.

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