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Optimizing your order-to-cash process is both good for you and good for your customers. It means both your payment and your customers' orders arrive faster. However, fine-tuning the process is often trusted to trial and error. It's impossible to get it right without seeing the complete picture.

Process mining takes historical data from every step in every transaction in the order-to-cash process so that you have a real view of what's working and what can be improved. It will help you find the "happy paths" that get you from order to cash reliably faster.

How can process mining help your order-to-cash processes?


                It can maximize zero-touch orders

Find the clear path to zero-touch orders, avoiding situations where an order is delayed due to questions about price or quantity. Identify the delays and find ways to circumvent them in the future.

                It can help deliveries be on time, all the time

It's easy to identify delayed orders. But process mining can identify why they were delayed. Once you know the steps in the process that commonly delay order fulfillment (as-is), you can test new would-be process models before rolling them out.

                It can help avoid incomplete deliveries

Incomplete deliveries are as inefficient for you as they are frustrating for your customers. They erode your customers' confidence and waste your team's time. Process mining can identify the root cause of incomplete orders and identify a way to improve moving forward.

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  • More customer satisfaction and trust
  • Free up your employees to work on other tasks
  • Faster delivery means faster payment
  • More automation, less human intervention
  • Lower financial and regulatory risk

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