IoT integration

                Easily integrate the IoT with the core applications that run your business 

                Integrate, automate, differentiate on the IoT

How can you capitalize on all that data you’re pulling in from IoT devices everywhere? Integration is the key! With Cumulocity IoT, you can easily integrate your IoT solutions with your enterprise apps, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises.  

                Integrate to innovate

Easily integrate device data with applications, cloud services and systems. Build innovative solutions that combine your physical and digital assets.

                See the whole picture

Enrich real-time IoT device data with contextual data from other systems to make smarter decisions, faster. Use the data to build complete dashboards.

                Connect with customers

Start automated actions and workflows based on IoT events—for example, to order replacement parts or dispatch technicians to customer sites.

                Code-free integrations make IoT simple

What if you could integrate your IoT solution with any current or future enterprise application? You can with Cumulocity IoT. Typically, no coding is needed to connect and start using IoT data in automated actions, workflows and processes. Start fast, deliver rapid results.

                    Connect any app anywhere 

Connect your existing applications wherever they’re deployed, on-premises and in the cloud. Because you’ll be using open standards, you’ll be able to leverage your existing IT and other infrastructure investments, such as enterprise applications and industrial machines.

                    Connectors get the job done fast

Quickly connect and configure integrations to update and synchronize data between applications. It's easy using dozens of prebuilt connectors and predefined recipes. Build integration workflows quickly between pre-integrated enterprise and cloud apps, including SAP, Salesforce®, ServiceNow®, Microsoft® Dynamics®, Zendesk®, Zuora®, Marketo® and Microsoft® Office 365®. Then start automating actions based on IoT events.

                    The more you connect, 
the smarter the data

Make the best data-driven decisions when everything’s connected. See why you need to integrate IoT and enterprise IT. 

                    See, decide & act with Software AG

Build an IoT solution in 90 days or faster.