Rehost your legacy UNIX to Linux

Move to an application infrastructure that gives you the freedom to do more

Run your legacy applications virtually anywhere by moving to Linux. Simply rehost your Adabas & Natural applications from legacy UNIX to Linux on premises or in the cloud to save costs and establish a modern IT foundation.

Don’t get left behind in this fast-moving world. The rise of open-source Linux, virtualization and cloud platforms has facilitated rapid innovation and encouraged developers to create revolutionary solutions. You can easily take part by moving your trusted applications to a cost-efficient, modern IT infrastructure where you can use next-generation application architectures to innovate and scale your business. Free your Adabas & Natural applications from expensive, proprietary UNIX® platforms by rehosting them to Linux.

Software AG’s rehosting service offers you a non-disruptive transition to join the many enterprises and government organizations already successfully running their business-critical Adabas & Natural applications on Linux. A move to Linux improves the speed and efficiency of your operations and gives your developers more opportunities to innovate. Easily integrate development with open-source DevOps tools and processes. Leverage modern microservices architecture to deploy across multiple cloud platforms. A rehost to Linux gives you the freedom to address future business requirements.

Key benefits

Save costs
  • Reduce costs by moving off proprietary hardware
  • Consolidate application platforms for operational efficiency
Increase IT platform options
  • Reduce vendor lock-in by moving to open-source Linux
  • Leverage virtualization techniques to run in the cloud
Adopt modern and agile architectures
  • Improve agility, scalability, availability and performance
  • Find skills more easily in the job market

Key features

Easily move Adabas & Natural applications from one IT platform (operating system, hardware) to another. Adabas & Natural products are platform-agnostic and available on major Linux platforms such as Red Hat®, CentOS® and SUSE®—making a rehost from proprietary UNIX systems such as Solaris®, HP-UX® and AIX® a seamless experience.

Nimble application architecture

Whether you implemented Adabas & Natural batch or online applications or use webMethods EntireX to connect to other applications—the products you use follow your platform strategy without compromising reliability, performance or security.

Efficient virtualization

Make better use of your computing resources by leveraging virtual systems that let you run multiple operating systems and applications on a hardware cluster. Select from a wide range of virtualization software available on Linux to make your computing environments independent of physical infrastructure in preparation for a move to the cloud.

Rapid path to the cloud

From Linux, it's easy to make the move to the cloud when you are ready. With Virtual Machines, you can just lift your entire application to the cloud. Or use containers like Docker® with Kubernetes—only available on Linux and Windows—to deploy a cloud-native application that leverages microservices for more agility and cloud elasticity.

Agile development with DevOps

While a move from UNIX to Linux requires no change to development, your programmers can benefit from a wider selection of DevOp tools. With NaturalONE, an Eclipse-based application development environment, you can integrate with established and open-source DevOps toolchains and processes to quickly ramp up development and test environments to improve application delivery and quality.

Proven methodology

More than 100 rehosting projects demonstrate Software AG’s long record of successfully moving Adabas & Natural applications from one platform to another. Our proven methodology starts with a detailed assessment then takes a structured approach to move and optimize programs and databases. Rest assured, we are with you all the way with go-live support.

The fastest way to the cloud starts with a rehost to Linux.
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