Get complete governance of your APIs – across all runtimes – from a single pane of glass.

Your API landscape can be sprawling, confusing and complex even when you are using a unified platform to manage all of your APIs. This is especially true for global organizations with teams spread across different geographies and business units. Each may be running different instances of an API gateway to manage the APIs their team created or that their team uses. Keeping track of them all can be frustrating and inefficient. Constantly monitoring their performance, identifying overlaps and ensuring they are all still functioning properly can be nearly impossible. And with no single catalog of all deployed APIs, you'll have duplicate APIs, inconsistent policies and worst of all, potential security risks. API Control Plane is built to solve this problem. It is a centralized administration and monitoring tool that gives you complete control of your distributed API landscape. Catalog, browse, filter, and search all of your APIs, and easily highlight differences and identify inconsistencies.

Key benefits

  • Visualize your hybrid, distributed, multi-vendor runtimes in a single pane of glass
  • Observe and control multiple runtimes and APIs across different geographies
  • Catalog APIs from multiple runtimes
  • Cluster runtimes into “data planes” and access individual runtime or data plane metrics
  • Conduct in-depth analyses of the entire API ecosystem and identify trends and bottlenecks
  • Compare discrepancies between API versions

Key features

Runtime monitoring

See all of your on-premises, SaaS, and private cloud deployments in a single dashboard, even from non-webMethods runtimes. Runtime monitoring enables you to analyze the performance and operation of the runtimes. You can monitor all the runtimes in the landscape by keeping track of how the runtimes are performing, conducting trend analysis, and viewing transaction patterns for the selected time range. You can also monitor individual runtimes to get more information about the runtime’s performance in terms of availability and other metrics. 

Runtime management

The API Control Plane provides comprehensive information about each API Gateway deployment (also known as a runtime) in your ecosystem. It allows you to understand the health status of any runtime (whether it is up or down) and identify the data it is handling.

Data plane management

A data plane represents a logical grouping of runtimes that aligns with how an organization refers to or uses them. Runtimes can be grouped into data planes based on name, tags, location, region, runtime type, and deployment type. With this functionality, you can manage data planes, view the individual runtimes in the data plane, and view their status.

Data plane monitoring

Data plane monitoring enables you to monitor and analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs) of data planes. You can monitor the business metrics of all data planes by keeping track of how the data planes are performing, conducting trend analyses, and viewing transaction patterns for the selected time range. You can also monitor an individual data plane to get more information about the performance of the associated runtimes to identify the top performing and under performing APIs, which helps you to make informed business decisions.

Runtime connectivity

Your API Gateways send the following data to API Control Plane at regular intervals:

  • APIs and its metadata
  • health status of the runtime (whether the API Gateway is up or down)
  • metrics of the runtime

This is accomplished through a agent that is embedded within API Gateway and periodically sends information from the runtime (API Gateway) to API Control Plane.

API listing

See a list of all your APIs deployed in any runtime. Once the runtime is registered, the API Control Plane is auto-populated with the whole list of APIs available in the API Management landscape. The API Control Plane provides a way to view how the APIs are associated to the runtimes, including how the same API is used by different runtimes. It also highlights the differences that are seen in the API fields and navigates you to the API details page in API Gateway.

Dashboard for analytics

Dive deep into the performance of your API landscape​. The dashboard is the landing page for everyone on your team who needs to understand at a glance how APIs are being used and how they are performing. It also provides a holistic view of all the assets in API Control Plane and visualizes how your data planes and runtimes are distributed geographically. It shows an overall summarized count of the total transactions, error rate, average response time, and latency for the selected time range. You can also see the recent activities performed based on audit events of the data planes, runtimes, and APIs. 

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