Are your APIs creating more profit or more peril?

Will your APIs be praised as the hero … or will they be blamed as the villain? Are they the secret behind killer apps customers love or are they secretly leaking customer data to the highest bidder? Do you know about all of your APIs or do they pop up unexpectedly in shady corners of your company? Will your APIs make headlines because they extended your reach or because of a data breach? 

The answers depend on your API strategy and the tools you use to bring that strategy to life. Our API management platform is the nerve center for everything API and can be the difference between profit and peril. It puts you in charge of your own destiny. So choose wisely. Trust the analysts. Trust 50 years of experience. And trust thousands of the world’s most successful companies.

Learn more about Software AG’s and get ready to take charge of your APIs. 

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Protect your APIs from cyber-attacks and digital ne'er-do-wells. With a few clicks, you can apply threat policies and keep out bad actors while still letting your APIs thrive.
Take Control of Your APIs with is a user-friendly platform that provides complete control over the entire lifecycle of APIs. With its secure layered approach, multi-environment scenarios, and monetization options, you can easily create, configure, publish, and manage APIs.
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"Let's make money with our APIs!" is a great idea, but often not as simple as charging for access. See how having the right API management platform helps you manage your APIs like products.
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Make sure your APIs generate profit, not peril
Make sure your APIs generate profit, not peril 
APIs are the path to growth and innovation, helping you to create connected experiences for employees, partners and especially customers. But APIs can also introduce vulnerabilities. Learn how to create opportunities while managing the risk.  
The practical guide to API management
The right approach to API management enables you to generate new products and sources of value faster, gain insights into API usage, and maintain control over access and security.
Are you ready to take control of your APIs?
Take a full-lifecycle approach to your APIs and manage them like products.