Agent-Based MFT through webMethods ActiveTransfer

Let webMethods Managed File Transfer's lightweight agents automatically send and receive important business files between remote locations and your centralized server


Managed File Transfer (MFT) agents are lightweight applications (file bots) that allow administrators to remotely control automated file transfers and file processing from a central webMethods ActiveTransfer server. Numerous agents can be installed virtually anywhere, such asservers and desktops located on premises, and external systems like retail locations or trading partners.

Key benefits

  • Centrally manage/tightly control agents with secure file exchange through ActiveTransfer server
  • Define/specify agent parameters individually or across agent groups
  • Initiate agent file transfer on demand or as scheduled jobs
  • Quick time-to-value for setup and configuration activities
  • Consolidate on one integration platform for your B2B and MFT needs
  • Easy to use – no proprietary client or protocols requirement

Key features

Automate remote file transfers through agents

Install ActiveTransfer Agents directly on any number of remote systems while connecting to the central hub where the ActiveTransfer server is located.

Install agents within or outside your organization

Deploy ActiveTransfer Agents on either side of your firewall.

Centrally manage and monitor agents

ActiveTransfer Agents can be centrally managed and monitored through the ActiveTransfer server. All configurations related to file transfers are managed through events that can be pushed directly to one or more agents. Agents having the same file transfer characteristics can be grouped together simplifying setup. All activities related to file transfer involving an agent are tracked. This includes authentication, file transfer actions performed and the status of each of the actions.

Define agent events/actions for file uploads

Define agents through a variety of options, including the ability to rename files at source or destination, delete original files, compress files and verify checksum to maintain file integrity during transfers.

Used for:

  • Just-in-time or batch file uploads from POS and store order systems
  • Centrally disseminating pricing/ promotion information across store locations
  • Branches automatically sending end-of day reconciliation reports to HQ
  • Synchronizing product catalog changes across warehouses
How MFT Agents work
About ActiveTransfer

Built on the proven webMethods Integration Server, webMethods ActiveTransfer and its ActiveTransfer Agent are fully integrated with the webMethods suite, enabling you to replace antiquated and non-secure file transfer systems with a consolidated, easy-to-use platform.

You’ll gain centralized management and control of all file transfer activity. Gain visibility into the state of critical file transfers to discover and resolve file transfer issues as they happen.

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