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                Modernize your B2B integration by being API-led and cloud-ready

                Scale, pivot and perfect your approach to B2B integration

Ready or not, change is coming. In the last year we've seen an eruption of disruption, and the result has been a whole new approach to B2B. Unreliable supply chains pushed companies to find and onboard new partners overnight. These new partner transactions now happen in the cloud and via APIs more often than not.

The modern players are now playing a cloud-first game. B2B integration allows them to automate B2B processes end to end, from back-office ERP applications, such as SAP and Oracle®, to partner systems using standards both new and old.

Simplify the complexity of how you B2B with webMethods.io B2B. The B2B integration allows you to share documents—purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, contracts and more—in the cloud and keep everything in sync with APIs.

                Automate partner transactions

Quickly tie your B2B processes to your back-end systems and orchestrate them with webMethods. Onboard trading partners of any size in minutes.

                Use EDI or RosettaNet® 

Save time with out-of-the-box support for EDI standards—including EANCOM,  HIPAA, ODETTE, RosettaNet, SWIFTTM, UNEDIFACT and X12.

with trust

With full visibility across your partner network you can monitor transactions, identify problems in real time, and quickly identify root causes to resolve problems fast.

                Learn about webMethods.io B2B integration

You need to move faster than fast to ensure your B2B operational processes, like EDI transactions, move swiftly. But how?

This white paper, "Modernizing B2B Integration" can help you better understand the importance of speed and efficiency related to standards like AS2 and ANSI x12, B2B integration and rapid B2B partner onboarding. Learn how, by using webMethods.io B2B, an SaaS-based B2B integration service, you can ensure efficiencies that scale across your ecosystem.

                    Unified B2B gateway

Secure access across all data transactions—from B2B standards, APIs, files and more—with webMethods. Simplify how you securely receive data from your partners, no matter how they choose to send it to you.

                    B2B runtime security

Welcome authorized consumers by using reverse invoke or inside-out service invocations with B2B runtime security. This robust, protective technique eliminates the need to open holes in your firewall.

                    Stop issues before they start

Find and fix the root causes of problems when issues arise. Oversee the full lifecycle of your B2B transactions to pinpoint issues encountered throughout the entire B2B integration process.

                    Partner self-service B2B integration tools

Deliver pre-built invitation templates for automated partner onboarding. Provide self-service tools for partners and suppliers to increase visibility and make working with you easy.


Keep costs low and subscribe to our webMethods.io B2B integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). Scale easily and outsource the infrastructure and maintenance costs to us.

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Be ready for anything. Accelerate your operational processes and let APIs help you do business faster.

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