IoT analytics

                See, analyze and act—right now—to improve efficiencies and delight customers

                Act on IoT insights in an instant 

Empower more people—like operations managers—to turn IoT data into actionable insights using self-service analytics that reveals deep insights. The applications you build are limited only by your desire to understand, predict and act on the powerful insights revealed in your data streams. Imagine what you can do with Internet of Things analytics.

                Mine IoT data for meaningful insights

Refine processes in real time, make instant offers to customers based on real-time behavior, schedule a repair before something breaks—the possibilities are endless.

                Avoid costly downtime

Respond instantly by using the industry’s leading streaming analytics engine and predictive modeling to analyze data and events as they happen.

                Make analytics for everyone

Simply “point and click” to apply advanced data science techniques to your IoT solution. Need advanced tooling? You're covered there too.

                Get faster IoT ROI with self-service analytics

Point, click and analyze your data—it’s that simple. Business users and operational experts can build sophisticated analytics on their own without writing code or needing IT support.

                    Analyze & act on data in real time 

Put the world’s #1 streaming analytics engine to work for your business. Using a drag-and-drop, no-code environment, you can design advanced rules to monitor and act on any number of event streams and high-velocity event data of any kind. Detect and analyze patterns from many sources at once. Trigger automated responses that need no human intervention.

                    Predict & prevent problems 

Act precisely on something so fast no one even noticed there was an issue. Use AI, deep learning, machine learning and predictive analytics to predict when a problem is likely to occur. Operationalize AI and other advanced analytics models without the time and cost of expensive custom coding. A web-based console makes it easy for anyone to get the insights they need quickly to act when it matters most.

                    Make decisions on the shop floor

Make front-line operators self-sufficient. Empower process engineers, plant managers and non-data scientists to optimize operations all the time, anytime, using self-service industrial analytics. No data science expertise required to find out what’s causing production bottlenecks or quality issues and how to increase overall equipment effectiveness.

                    Access & analyze historical data

Improve processes by learning from past experiences. Export, store and synchronize large volumes of historical data in the data lakes of your choice. Access this data easily for deeper analysis and machine learning on all your historical data using your preferred analytics tool.

                    Take intelligence to the edge

Extend advanced analytics and machine learning to devices, wherever they are, to make the most of the data they generate. Edge analytics—close to or on equipment—collects and processes data without having to send that data back to the cloud for analysis. Make time-critical decisions when it matters most. Reduce network bandwidth as well as load on back-end servers to lower costs.

                    View & share IoT data in real time 

Create sophisticated dashboards to view and share your IoT data and performance in real time. Anyone can log onto dashboards to get a complete and up-to-date view of the current state of their processes and devices. Take stock of important KPIs, detect patterns in high-volume data, and see where to act when it matters most.

                    Advanced tooling for data experts 

We’ve got technology experts covered too with a full analytics development environment when you need to build something uniquely complex. Create advanced analytics apps and deploy in the cloud, at the edge or as a stand-alone solution.

                Act now on data with a leader

See how the vendors compare in The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Analytics, Q3 2019.

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