6 Things you Need to Know before you Start your Process Transformation Journey

We live in a world of disruption

The external pressure for transformation and permanent change is as high as never before. It’s time to protect your business and to support the changes needed, ensuring your company’s success in the future. It’s time to start your transformation journey now! 

But what makes the difference between success and failure of a transformation project?

There is neither a magical recipe nor a secret weapon, but the following tips will help you to not lose sight of the big picture:

  1. Start small
    Start with the low-hanging fruit. Great things start with small beginnings: focus on areas for improvement that offer quick time-to-value, demonstrate success, and establish credibility. Start with projects that can be completed quickly with low cost. Choose the use case that has high visibility across the organization.

  2. Know your goal
    Define a clear goal. Your goal must intend to deliver measurable and quantifiable benefits, such as the reduction of costs or processing times, or the fulfillment of compliance issues. Start with the result, assure that your stakeholders have a clear goal and never forget what you actually want to achieve!
  3. People first  
    Focus on people, not IT. Share information and knowledge, collect feedback, collaborate and adapt the strategy when necessary. Focus on people first, because that’s what makes the significant difference between failure and success.
  4. Understand the challenges
    Spread the news like wildfire. Persuade your employees that your efforts will aid them in their jobs and inform them about the value the transformation initiative adds to their business. Prove that you are not wasting their time and create an end-to-end view and improve the transparency across your organization.
  5. Keep it simple
    Follow the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid). Are you going to develop a process landscape reminiscent of a construction plan for a rocket landing on the moon? Don’t you want your business processes to be comprehensible, traceable and adoptable? Business processes neither have to be excessive nor impressive but usable and understandable for your employees.
  6. Provide a single source of truth
    Establish a new way of working. A single source of truth is crowned king as the basis for effective business transformation. You need to provide ONE place for all company-related information and allow easy consumption of updated process information to win the hearts and minds of your employees. When starting your business process transformation journey, perfection doesn’t always have to be the ultimate goal but progress is essential and iterations are acceptable. The only wrong move when it comes to process transformation is not to make any move at all.   
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ARIS is available in six different editions

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You can extend ARIS Enterprise just as you need it—according to your needs and projects. The ARIS extensions are here to support your expert use cases.

ARIS solutions for SAP
Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance adds capabilities for integration of regulatory demands & operational risks into a single approach and Internal Control System (ICS).

Rollout Add-ons

Rollout Add-ons set up and manage confirmation workflows.


Simulation adds capabilities to test what-if scenarios and get information about bottlenecks & improvement potentials.

SAP® Solutions

SAP® Solutions adds capabilities to support holistic implementation & rollout of SAP projects, testing, communication, training & go-live support.

Premium Document Storage

Premium Document Storage allows ARIS to be used for storage of up to 1 million documents.

SharePoint Integration

SharePoint Integration supports users to work with SharePoint and ARIS in an integrated manner.

3rd Party Integration

3rd Party Integration allows integration with 3rd party applications based on an API.

Robotic Process Automation 

Robotic Process Automation adds a “workforce” of software robots to automate repetitive manual tasks and processes, fully integrated into your process landscape.

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