Risk & compliance management

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Protect your business with risk & compliance management

Efficient risk & compliance management—also often referred to as governance, risk & compliance management (GRC)—helps you ensure compliance with internal and external guidelines, regulations, and laws, while minimizing operational risks. It matters now more than ever.

Distance yourself from the potentially devastating risks of noncompliance. Risk and compliance management using ARIS takes a process-focused approach to implementing and efficiently operating an enterprise-wide compliance and risk management system.

Identify and document risk
From risk identification, documentation and analysis to risk monitoring, you can build, implement and operate an efficient risk management system using Software AG's ARIS.
Ensure GDPR compliance
Ensure General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance with ARIS. Sustain compliance using workflows for data protection impact assessments, surveys and policy management.  
Manage incidents and loss
Create comprehensive workflow documents and track issues and incidents from creation to completion using ARIS. Process owners are notified so problems can be resolved quickly.  
Establish internal controls
Map regulatory requirements to your business processes, and define relevant controls to your compliance risks. A testing workflow ensures results are documented for auditing.
Conduct enterprise audits
Plan, manage and execute your audit and get a seamless audit trail. By using ARIS, you'll gain an integrated system and relational database aligned to your processes.
Confirm new procedures
Verify employees will follow standard operating procedures. Manage a confirmation process to ensure they've read and understood new procedures, policies and guidelines.
Explore our ARIS products
ARIS Basic
ARIS Basic is our starter edition with all the essential features for professional business process management.  
ARIS Advanced
ARIS Advanced is the next level of business process management. You gain full flexibility of method and access control.
ARIS Enterprise
ARIS Enterprise offers full capabilities for business process management and enterprise-wide transformation.
Protect and preserve company integrity
Manage the business and change. Ensure adherence to legal standards and internal policies. Preserve your brand’s reputation. Do all this with ARIS risk and compliance tools and our time-tested approach.

                    Save time, talent & money

Ensure the highest quality standards with ARIS for risk and compliance management. Reduce manual work and auditing efforts with automated processes and a powerful methodology toolbox. Save time by testing workflows and automated email notifications. Re-purpose documentation to help offset auditing fees.

                    Anticipate risks

ARIS helps you get ahead of noncompliance by identifying risk relevant processes and affected line items. Control and manage the rising number of diverse regulations. Adapt to new laws and mitigate the risks to avoid financial damage.

                    Powerful activity management

Manage your compliance activities comprehensively, from testing to external audits, with ARIS. Manage paperwork, organize findings, report results, and be secure and confident in the audit trail.

                    Confidently update stakeholders

Visualize top-level key performance indicators, analyze your data and confidently report to management the very latest information or the development of a risk situation or compliance activity via a graphical dashboard.

                    Single point of truth

The process-driven approach of ARIS helps you combine governance, risk and compliance management with business process management. While you manage your risks and comply with regulations, you can improve business processes. This helps you increase operational performance and transparency and break down silos.

                    Accelerate your compliance management journey

Leave the guesswork aside and Activate ARIS Compliance Management. Our services team will work with you to pilot an end-to-end compliance management capability for a chosen functional or process area using best practice guidance and accelerators.

Why risk and compliance management matters

Risk and compliance management is more important now than ever before. The number of regulations—such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—is on the rise, and the global pandemic has created new compliance and risk challenges. As more people work from home, the pressure to digitize and establish new processes in real time means businesses are transforming at record-setting speed.

The “governance” part of GRC helps you to align risk & compliance management with your business strategy and define guidelines to ensure that you can reach your business goals. 

The “risk management” part of GRC helps you be smart and savvy about the risks you face. Knowing is the first step. You can understand and map these risks to business processes and evaluate their potential impact. Then you can assess them regularly and quickly identify high-areas and implement appropriate measures to avoid them. However, when they are unavoidable, make sure you are ready to respond quickly in the case of incident or loss.

The “compliance” part of GRC is a growing concern for every company as regulations proliferate. To maintain your license to operate, you need to establish an effective internal control system. Map regulations to the relevant business processes, define controls and test them regularly for effectiveness. This makes it easy for you to prove compliance to internal and external auditors.

Distance yourself from the potentially devastating risks of noncompliance. Using ARIS for risk and compliance management means you have a process-focused approach to an enterprise-wide compliance and risk management system.

ARIS risk & compliance management
Use a single source of truth to ensure effective enterprise operations and compliance.
Our customers—truly connected enterprises
Insurance provider Suva has risk under control. Its risk management is transparent, up to date and completely built in ARIS.
For OeKB Group, Austria's central provider of financial services to the export industry and capital market, ARIS is easy to use, secure and absolutely transparent.
For Dutch Railsways it's mandatory to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 certification standards.
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Secure your license to operate
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* The Total Economic Impact™ of Software AG's ARIS product is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Software AG.

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