Activate ARIS Compliance Management

Activate ARIS Compliance Management

As regulations proliferate, establishing an effective and efficient compliance management capability is a growing concern for every company. We know maintaining your license to operate can take significant effort.

Accelerate your compliance management journey without all the guess work with the Activate ARIS Compliance Management Fast Track Service. Working with our expert, your team will pilot an end-to-end compliance management capability for a chosen functional or process area using best practice guidance and accelerators.

What do I get?

Working with the consultant, you will:  

  • Populate compliance management and reference data from multiple source systems into ARIS, using automated reports designed to minimize manual modeling and improve efficiency.
  • Integrate your compliance management data sets with existing business process management structures to leverage the benefits of a combined management system.
  • Establish lines of defense within ARIS Risk and Compliance Management (ARCM).
  • Execute your internal controls tests and manage any deficiencies and issues through to resolution.
  • Use dashboards to establish a robust and muti-dimensional Compliance Management Reporting capability.
  • Efficiently manage data maintenance for fully integrated enterprise level business process and compliance management.
  • Define a post-pilot implementation pattern and roll out strategy.

What can I expect?

This is a 30-day engagement. During this time, you will work with the consultant to implement a pilot of the ARIS Compliance Management workflow, facilitating the testing of controls related to:

  • one functional area; or 
  • one end-to-end process (e.g. Application Processing) potentially crossing multiple functional areas.

Who benefits from Activate ARIS Compliance Management?

  • Senior executives with responsibility for compliance (Operations Director, Risk Directors, etc.), reduce complexity in their organization and accelerate a hassle-free implementation of ARIS compliance management.
  • Risk & Control Managementspecialist functions better manage control testing/evaluation on a day-to-day basis from learning how to adeptly implement a fully integrated ARIS Process & Risk and Compliance Management solution.

More details

  • How it works
    1. Your dedicated consultant conducts an initial kick-off with an introduction to ARIS Risk & Compliance.  
    2. Next, the consultant will provide ARCM coaching for core team members that includes GRC modeling conventions relevant for the selected functional area (or end-to-end process), user/user group management, GRC roles, workflow operation and administration.  
    3. The consultant will work with your team to determine the pilot use case and discuss data collation.  
    4. Next, the consultant will guide you through the data import and set up within the pilot database in line with GRC conventions.  
    5. Following, the consultant will conduct business user role mapping and setup.  
    6. The consultant then works with you to set up the test ARCM environment and completes the testing and execution of ARCM workflows.  
    7. Following, the consultant will guide you through the design, development, and deployment of the GRC dashboards.  
    8. Finally, the consultant will work with you to migrate the solution from a test environment to production and provide post-pilot support with input for the roll-out plan. 
  • Service results

    By the end of the engagement, you will have an operational end-to-end integrated process and compliance management solution for a chosen pilot process or functional area/s.  

    Your team will gain the knowledge and expertise in how to:  

    • Establish and maintain an effective compliance management capability.   
    • Successfully integrate compliance management with existing BPM structures.  
    • Model risk and control data in accordance with ARIS Compliance. Management conventions and link this data with existing enterprise artefacts (processes, organizational units). 
    • Set up and assign business users and lines of defense to ARIS Risk and Compliance roles. 
    • Operate the end-to-end compliance management workflows. 
    • Maintain effective oversight of tasks within the compliance management workflow and access result data. 
    • Maintain Risk & Compliance Management data and undertake administration of the tool. 
    • Analyze and manage your Compliance Management data via interactive dashboards. 
    • Approach and plan your enterprise wide roll out strategy. 
Additional Fast Track Service information

Software AG’s Sales and Customer Success team members can provide pricing details upon request. All business will be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed to by Software AG Consultant and customer. Delivery will occur within the customer’s standard business days and standard business hours.

To learn more about the Activate ARIS Compliance Management Fast Track Service, complete the form below.
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