Discover ARIS Process Mining

Discover ARIS Process Mining

Flatten your learning curve and get right to work with all that ARIS Process Mining has to offer. Get coached by our consultant to create a snapshot process analysis using best practice approaches to make the most of your ARIS investment.

What do I get?

Learn best practices to:

  • Select a target process and develop performance questions
  • Upload process data via CSV file
  • Define dashboard requirements
  • Configure dashboards
  • Develop a roadmap for process improvement opportunities based on the analysis

At the end of this engagement, you will have the foundational knowledge to identify and complete additional projects.

What can I expect?

At the completion of this engagement, you will have a clear understanding of the full potential of ARIS Process Mining so you can:

  • Analyze the performance of your target process
  • Identify process improvement quick wins
  • Get better outcomes from an optimized process

This is a time boxed activity lasting five business days. This is a limited scope project, restricted to up to five individual KPI calculations. Additional follow-on support to expand the project scope can be provided by additional process mining service engagements.

Who benefits from the Discover ARIS Process Mining Fast Track Service?

  • Business Process Owners can analyze the target process to identify and investigate performance issues and determine the root causes of both under and over performance.
  • Line of Business Organizations get a transparent and objective process analysis along with actionable improvement opportunities.

More details

  • How it works
    1. On day one, the consultant facilitates an “Introduction to Process Mining” Workshop with key stakeholders to generate a project plan for a snap shot analysis.  
    2. With the defined objectives for the project, the consultant helps create a data transformation template and supports you as you to prepare data for data extraction and upload. Then the consultant guides the configuration of your dashboard. 
    3. Once the data is collected and transformed by the customer, the consultant supports the data upload and hosts an intial session on data analysis and interpretation.  
    4. The consultant then holds a session on dashboard configuration requirements and supports the customer’s dashboard configuration.  
    5. Next, the consultant walks through a second session on data analysis and interpretation. 
    6. On the final day of the engagement, the consultant will guide you through roadmap development and provides guidance for process improvement based on the results of the analysis. 
  • Service results

    By the end of this engagement, you will:   

    • Participate in an introduction to Process Mining workshop 
    • Learn best practice approaches for process mining projects 
    • Gain skills formulating process mining KPI calculations and using data upload templates
    • Successfully execute a data template upload 
    • Configure one dashboard  
    • Receive support in developing a Process Mining roadmap
Additional Fast Track Service information

Software AG’s Sales and Customer Success team members can provide pricing details upon request. All business will be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed to by Software AG Consultant and customer. Delivery will occur within the customer’s standard business days and standard business hours.

To learn more about the Discover ARIS Process Mining Fast Track Service, complete the form below.
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